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What helps cold sores

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OTC ointments can help ease discomfort, as well as an OTC pain reliever. Try applying ice or warm compresses. Avoid picking at it. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-helps-cold-sores ]
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What helps cold sores
OTC ointments can help ease discomfort, as well as an OTC pain reliever. Try applying ice or warm compresses. Avoid picking at it.
How to get rid of cold sore blister?
Cold Sore. Cold sores most often occur on the lips, distinguishing them from the common canker sore that is usually located inside the mouth.
Does Chapstick Help Cold Sores?
Nope. Cold sores are actually caused by viruses and you need a topical antibiotic to make them go away. Lip balm won’t do a thing other than keeping the surface from crusting up.

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What helps heal cold sores besides abreva?
Q: Please help, I am almost out of Abreva and my car is in the shop, any old fashioned methods or actions? This is miserable! Thanks.
A: I use theraputic grade peppermint oil. Cold sores are a virus. Peppermint has very good anti-viral properties. I have used Abreva in the past. Abreva did speed the healing by a few days but is very expensive. During the past year I have had 4 cold sores. Twice, using the peppermint oil, they were completly gone in less than 48 hours. This last time is taking longer but still healing faster than with Abreava. Be sure to use theraputic grade oil. I buy mine from www.dreamingearth.com
What is the best way to get rid of cold sores?
Q: I need to know what the best way is to get rid of OR prevent cold sores. I have heard that taking lysine supplements helps, but haven’t really noticed a difference. If ya could, please let me know!
A: Get a prescription for Valtrex from your doctor. They’ll give it to you even if you don’t actually have a cold sore. The trick is this: as soon as you feel the tingling and know one is about to come on, take two Valtrex tablets. Then another two tablets about 8 hours later. That’s it. No need to take any more the next day or anything. Also, Abreva (available over the counter as a cream) really does work – it’s expensive ($22 or something like that), but apply it as often as possible as soon as you feel the tingling start. If blisters come out, there’s no way to stop it at that point, but Valtrex and Abreva can make it not be such a bad one.
I get really bad cold sores and I was wondering what helps them go away fast?
A: Less stress and when you feel that tingle on your lip just before a cold sore appears, put any good coldsore cream on it and it won’t appear at all. your pharmacist should be able to help you!
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