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When your sick how can you stop throwing up

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Most of the time, nausea and vomiting go away on their own as quickly as they started. OTC meds may be used – Pepto, etc. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-your-sick-how-can-you-stop-throwing-up ]
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When your sick how can you stop throwing up
Most of the time, nausea and vomiting go away on their own as quickly as they started. OTC meds may be used – Pepto, etc. ChaCha!
How can i stop throwing up and feeling sick?
I feel your pain! I was sick from 7 weeks to about 13 weeks. No fun. What helped me was taking one over the counter Unisom at bedtime each night. Ask your doctor if that is okay and also which one to take. There are two types of Unisom, one…

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How come white people always have to go to the doctors when they get sick?
Q: GOOD EXAMPLE This white guy at work went to the hospital because he had the stomach virus he just kept throwing up food. He went to the emergency room.Now if us black people get sick we can eat some ginger ale and crackers or some gatorade and that will put lining on your stomach and stop you from throwing up. But white people dont do that, how come?
A: I’m black and I go to the doctor when I’m sick. I mean, I don’t go for every little sneeze, but if I was in that guy’s position I would have gone to see a doctor too. Better safe than sorry.
Why would my 8 yr old throw up when we’re out in public & What can I do to help her stop?
Q: Ok heres my problem…. Kjursten, my dd, is almost 8. For the last several months she has been “throwing up”(for lack of a better term) every time we go out to eat, anywhere. She is not doing it intentionally, and its not for attention, and she is NOT belemic. I think she gets so nervous she starts thinkin about it and worries herself into getting sick. Do yo have any ideas on how to calm her or help her? I am at my wits end. I have tried everything, if we can get her mind off of it, sometimes she will be ok. But it usually doesn’t work. She does not do it at home, but everywhere else we go. I know the most obvious sounding answer may be attention, but I tell you its not, ok if you can help, please do, i am open to all your suggestions.I am worried she will do it at school,:>(
A: http://www.childanxiety.net/Sounds like she has an anxiety problem.Social phobia maybe?Just be patient,and reassuring to your child.Sit down,and figure out whats going on,talk to her,and ask about her fears?Good luck and God Bless hope this helps
What to feel when she tells you that your the only reason she’s still alive.?
Q: she has a semi-hard life at home. I mean yeah I see where she can get sick of home but its not as bad as my personal exsperiance. Well last night she was trying to protect her cat from her mom, and accedently threw up on the floor. basically because she is still recovering from being bulimic, HER MOM DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT. I’ve been working with her for almost a year to gradually stop throwing up. sometimes she can’t hold it in. and last night obviousely she couldn’t at the wrong time, anyway her mom just laph at her and and they just continued to yell at her for a bunch of things that she didn’t do, I know she isn’t a angel but they was accusing her of something I know she didn’t do. anyway she text me and told me that if it wasn’t for me being there for her all the time she wouldn’t be here right now. How am I suppose to feel about that. I can’t get her out of there intill June 14th after she finish highschool. I’m 20 and live on my own she is 18.Her parents are good parents better then about 90% of the parents out there. But I just wish I could of been there for her.I live 20 miles from her in another state. so she can’t move in with me to finish school. and how I found out she told me over the phone that her mom has no control of, because its my phones.
A: Hi G.I.R:What she told you was a major compliment. June is around the corner and she has survived OK for 18 years, she and you will be fine.Plan now, for when her time comes to move out, you have to be ready with a decent place to live, food and so on.Don’t start your life together as a poor provider and keep an eye on her eating disorder. Make sure she gets help for it.I wish you guys well.
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