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Why would a girl’s privates itch

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If the itching is accompanied by a thick/discolored discharge, it could be a vaginal yeast infection, treatable with OTC creams. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-would-a-girl%27s-privates-itch ]
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How come girls private parts itch sometimes
This can be caused by dry skin, sweat, menstruation, or even STDs!
Is it normal for girls to itch their private areas kinda like guy…?
lol yes though unless she has an std if anything at all is wrong with her in the first place it might just be a minor yeast infection or…thrush? nothing serious unless untreated for a LONG time while symptoms are bad. though everyone itc…
What if i see alot of discharge and my private itch in a certain …?
I’m pretty sure it’s just part of puberty. A lot of people get an itch, and it’s alright. If you put baby powder in your underpants, it usually helps the itch. As for discharge, that means your period is coming. Nothing to be worried about….
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