Are there hair dyes you can use while pregnant

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Most research, although limited, does show that it is safe to color your hair while pregnant. You can use any hair dye. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Which hair dye can I use while im pregnant?
Believe me – you can use any drugstore hair dyes while pregnant. Just no bleach.
My mom is a nurse, and she told me it is not safe to use hair dye while you are pregnant. She says that a chemical in the dye goes into your bloodstream through your scalp and that goes to the baby. Every time she see’s an actress with gray…
Is it safe to use hair dye whilst pregnant?
The chemicals used in hair dyes are many & varied. There is little concrete evidence to estimate the real risks involved. It is a fact tho that the chemicals from hair dye can be absorbed through the scalp, and the hands (if gloves are …

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Is there any kind of dye that you can use on your hair while pregnant?
Q: I am pregnant and I have blonde hair usually but I have been dying it for years brown I DONT want the blonde back, Is there something that I can use while pregnant that is safe or should I just let my blonde come back?
A: Just let the natural blond come back. If you’ve been dying your hair for years, it probably needs a break from all the chemicals. You can always dye it back after you have the baby.Congrats on your pregnancy!
Is dying your hair while pregnant ok?
Q: Hi my sister told me that if im past my half way point 20 weeks + its ok to dye my hair. Is that true? If not are there any natural hair dyes maybe like at sallys I can use to lighten my hair to near blonde?Thank You
A: It’s perfectly safe to dye your hairGood god people, educate yourselves before you type.I have researched it, I have talked to two doctors (OBGYNs) and my hair stylist what their opinion on this topic was. I had to do this for a school project in grade 11 for parenting. There has been NO evidence that dying your hair is harmful for either mom or babe in any trimester. However, due to the high level of hormones during the first trimester, it is not reccommended to dye your hair because of the chance the colour will not turn out right.Yes there are chemicals, but you are exposed to harshes chemicals daily than hair dye. If you want to be extra safe, go to a hair salon with professionals. They know what they’re doing and they will limit the time the hair dye is left on the scalp.hollyy
Can you still using face cleansing products when you’re pregnant?
Q: Can you? If so are there any products that you can’t/shouldn’t use?My husband and I got into a discussion about it and I told him you could and he doesn’t believe it. He says it’s not good because of the chemicals. I was saying that they say you can still dye your hair while youre pregnant so why not?
A: Yes,it’s fine to use the ones with salicylic acid in them. I asked my dr this same question. Acutane isn’t safe. But this is safe,the salicylic acid (clearasil,neutrogena,biore,etc) I asked my dr,and he said it was fine.
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