Are there symptoms of being pregnant in the first month

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A heightened sense of smell can be one of the first month pregnancy symptoms. Certain odors may even trigger your gag reflex. [ Source: ]
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What are the first symptoms of being pregnant during the first mo…?
cramps, just like pms cramps but usually a little bit earlier than you would usually get them. Sore boobs morning sickness
What are the Symptoms of being Pregnant during the First Month??
here are the most common early pregnancy symtpoms. Sore Tender breast/ nipples or the feeling of them being full or heavy. And possible veins appearing and darkening of the areolas. Fatigue: Even with a full nights rest you will find yourse…
What kind of symptoms do you get on your first month of being pre…?
No period, sore boobs. That’s about it. A lot of symptoms don’t come up until you acknowledge the actual pregnancy. Like a scratch or cut that doesn’t hurt until you notice it. Tons of women don’t even know until at least 6 weeks or more.

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what symptoms did everyone have in there first month of pregnancy?
Q: reason why im asking is because i want to see if any of my symptoms match with anyone elses… im still not sure if im pregnant, i took a test few nights ago and it was negative so im going into the docs soon… and does anyone know any good websites about what the best way to lay down when pregnant or diet plan for when ur pregnant?
A: Well most common symptoms are sleepyness, your hungry every 4-5 hours, morning sickness, back pain, and others. It varies because everyone’s body is different when there pregnant. The best way to lay down they say is on your left side because of the blood flow it circulates better. You can get more pregnancy tips and info at this website it It gives you and idea week by week on what is up with your baby in the womb i liked it alot it gave me tons of info that i didn’t know… I hope this helps.
Let me know how you felt during your first month or two of being pregnant & what do YOU think?
Q: So, since about 2 weeks ago i been feeling strange… and being that i never been pregnant before is hard for me to determine if these really are Early symptoms.i stoped taking Birth Control in Feb. & ever since then me and my husband has been trying to conceive, but once i stoped taking Birth Control; my periods been VERY irregular again (like when i was a teen) and the last time i got a period was in Aug. but my mother told me she always had an iregular period and she got pregnant with all 4 of us on months where she missed her period completly.. but me and my husband decided to just let things happen however they happen until Feb. of 2010 & we been hoping we’d get lucky ; and if i were to be pregnant, i believe i would of concieved Oct 6th, because thats when we really *really tried. i dont want to take fertility drugs or anything yet because i dont think its been long enough for us to give up; theres people out there whose been TTC for like years and years . and i still am in my early years of life, so i have time to try all those, but as of now – we want to try why do i think im pregnant / how have i been feeling ? – well since like Monday; i would feel sick in the mornings like i wanted to puke, but i never do. i get strange miagrains and theres days when i pee alot. also theres a wierd feeling in my stomach sometimes; i cant explain it. MY BREAST AREN’T TENDER or anything.-DO NOT TELL ME I SHOULD TAKE A HPT ! well duh, of course i will but i wanted to get feedback from other woman.. and i wanted to know how you ladies felt when u were in ur early months of pregnancy. i didnt want to test right away because i had false alarms where i thought i was pregnant before and i had gotten our hopes up for no reason. SO LET ME KNOW PLEASE : ) think its finally my turn ?oh yeah, i am tired on some days lol then somedays im fine; i really just started paying attetion to it . and the WEEK that we tried in Oct. was my most fertile week of Oct. so thats what i mean when i say “WE REALLY TRIED IN OCT.” because i was watching my Cycle Calendar.
A: I knew almost the day I had conceived that I was pregnant. I can’t even tell you how I knew; it was just a feeling. I told my husband, and he thought that I was crazy at the time. I also have very irregular periods, so it’s not a big deal if I miss a month. He has a son from a previous marriage, but after several health issues he’s had (such as testicular cancer), they said he probably would not be having any other children. I only took birth control for about 3 months back in 2007, and, although we were not actually trying to conceive, we weren’t trying to prevent it, either.Anyhow, I just had a feeling. My husband started down the list of symptoms. Are you tired? Well, I work two jobs, so I can’t really answer that. Are you sick to your stomach at all? Just a little bit, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Swollen or tender breasts? Nope. I really didn’t have any major symptoms, but I was somehow sure that I was pregnant. We decided to wait it out a month, to see if my period would come by, or I would change my mind about my intuition. Well, a month came and passed, and I finally went out and bought a pregnancy test. Sure enough, I was pregnant. Went to the doctor, and I was 12 weeks along, just about the time when I first told him I thought I was pregnant.Sometimes you can trust your intuition, even if you don’t really have any symptoms. Good luck and God Bless!
Should I give up hope of being pregnant this month? Or is there still a chance?
Q: My hubby and I have decided to try for a baby, so I came of the pill in July. 2 weeks ago today my ovulation test detected a surge so obviously we did the necessary as much as poss for the next 2 days and hoped for the best. Since then I have done a couple of pregnancy tests, the latest one being today using a ‘first response’ test which is supposed to be able to detect the pregnancy 5 days before your period, and they have all been negative. The problem is that I don’t know whether I am actually due on or not! The first ‘natural’ cycle I had since I came off the pill lasted 42 days, which I know is longer than the average but I thought this might have been because my body was adjusting to being off the pill. I can’t even remember what my cycle used to be because I have been on the pill for so long (about 8 yrs). I ovulated on day 16 of my cycle so I was expecting my period to be about 14 days later (which is today) but I have none of the usual symptoms that I usually get before a period. Do you think that I might be testing too early and there is a chance I could have concieved? Or do you think I should cut my losses this month and try again next month? I know we’ve only been trying for a short time so I shouldn’t expect to fall pregnant straight away, but I’m new to all this so I just wanted to know whether I should try testing again at a later date? I’m getting more and more desperate for a baby every day and all this uncertainty is driving me crazy already! Thanks in advance for your advice 🙂
A: relax , dont stress out. And enjoy sex. Dont think about ttc , bc they say its harder to get pregnant. That happened to me. When I finally stopped trying , I got pregnant.good luck
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