Can a girl be 3 days late for her period and not be pregnant

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There are other reasons why a girl might miss her period – stress, illness, a diet that’s too low in fat, changes in sleep. [ Source: ]
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Can a girl be 3 days late for her period and not be pregnant?
There are other reasons why a girl might miss her period – stress, illness, a diet that’s too low in fat, changes in sleep.

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Can a girl get pregnant if unprotected sex happened 3 days before her period came?
Q: Me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex on Saturday afternoon, i was at the point of almost ejaculating but when i pulled out it was to soon so i put it back in and 2 seconds later i ejaculated inside before i could pull out. we were both worried that she would get pregnant and today tuesday she got her period now im wondering if we had sex too close to her period that it would not have any affect, like skipping her period. so my question is that if its possible for her to be pregnant if i ejaculated inside of her 3 days before she got her period, she also says she is in extreme pain and she has never had painful cramps, but then again it is way too soon to been feeling any pregnancy symptoms. can anyone help me clear my doubts, im sort of hoping that she is pregnant! =] it would be a nice feeling! well i know there is no way that she is pregnant now because the fact that she has her period is a sign that conception did not occur, but is possible for sperm to survive in there and possible still get her pregnant or would having her period completely wipe out the sperm?
A: A girl can get pregnant anytime she ovulates. so there is no safe time before, during or after. her period..because sometimes the egg is released out of schedule. you also need to be aware that some sperm (aprx 400) come out as pre cum before you even are ready to ejaculate. You might not even feel it (probably wont) but since it only takes one sperm to fertilize an egg, you could get her pregnant before you ejaculate, finally are you both prepared financially emotionally and otherwise for apregnancy? If not please use birth control of some sort.
Me and my girl friend had unprotected sex 2 times these past 3 weeks ,late period can she be pregnant?
Q: me and my girlfriend had sex about 3 days after her period and again about 4 days before her recent one. To tell you the truth i wasnt inside her for long about 2 minutes max because it hurt her and she was uncomftortable both times . I know im a dick for not using a condom i had mt moment of idiocy but i did not ejaculate but i know the pre cum could have her preg. Do you think she could be preg even though i wasnt inside for long. and she got her period but does that mean shes not preg? idk im confused please dont be harsh on me even thought i deserve it.
A: any contact can result in pregnancy. Sperm leaks out all the time. Ever have a wet spot after an erection goes down? Thought so… Get ready to have a kid or cut that one up in little pieces while it squirms in agony… aka Abortion.
Common for a 14 year old girl to have a late period?
Q: Is it common for a 14 year old to be a few days late with period?My girlfriends period is 3 days late now, she is 14 and I’m kind of worried about this hole thing, she has NEVER missed a period before,(her words) its alawys been on the 18th, every single month, and now its 3 days late.(shes also had her period for 2 years or so.) is that just something that happens? or could she be pregnant? iv asked around to plenty of girls and they said sometimes it can just happen like that, and she might not be pregnant. but im confused, since she said she has never missed her period before and shes always been regular and on time. any help? Read my other question about precum, its kind of an odd situation. Thanks for all the help guys, appreciate it. P.S. if you read my queston on precum and all that, what do you think the situation is? maybe just late? or its coming? or pregnant? Thanks again for any help 🙂
A: I started my period when I was 12, had it regularly like clockwork until I was 13. My parents got divorced, which really stressed me out. I didn’t get my period back until I was 15, and I have been regular ever since.It happens, and any liitle thing can change your cycle. Stress, switching sexual partners, having sex for the first time ever or the first time in a long time. There are all sorts of different reasons for a young girl to miss, or be late on her period.Good Luck!
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