Can old people get pregnant

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Pregnancy can occur up until menopause, when women stop menstruating. The average age of menopause is 51. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can old people like 60 get pregnant?
Not naturally. Menopause hits somewhere between 40 and 55ish. Which means they not longer release eggs to be fertilized. The only way I know of for a woman of that age to get pregnant is artificial insemination, and hormone supplements. I m…
Why do older people get mad at young people when their pregnant??
I was 17 when I had my first. I’m 30 now and I still get crappy looks from the older UGLIER (lol) moms in my daughters class. Such is life. Just be the best mom you can be and give them a big fat smile when they stare.

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Why do older people hate pregnant teens? It makes the adults seem more immature than the teens.?
Q: im a YOUNG teen and i’m having sex and i’m not pregnant yet, i’m also not having safe sex. But i have a friend that had a kid at 13! She is a WAAAYY better mom than the moms killing their kids or not taking care of them.. When your a pregnant teen, your more scared than excited so they are making better plans than older mothers. And im not encouraging this i just don’t see how people can talk about pregnant teens like this when they are already VERY scared of becoming a mother enough as it is, without having people talking about them. And people say most teen aren’t mature, but if they have support from other people than maybe they can get through this easier.i asked this for answers not judgement. all of your teen daughters are probably having sex right now too. get over yourselves please 4rilz talking shit gets old realy fast. if you love your kid then your age shouldn’t mater.
A: Older people don’t hate the teens…they hate how irresponsible they were. Young teens have no business having sex if they know they can’t support a baby emotionally and financially. If they think they’re mature enough and ready to have sex then they should be mature enough to use every type of protection possible.It’s ridiculous how many 13, 14, 15 and 16 year olds are sex nowadays and even more ridiculous how many of them are getting pregnant! Older people feel frustrated that when teens have sex they’re not thinking about anything but themselves and how good they’ll feel and how grown up they’ll look. By having sex, you’re not just putting yours and your partners futures on the line but also the future of the baby you might conceive.
Why did I bother getting up for this ungrateful old woman on the train if she said this?
Q: I was sitting on a packed tube train in rush hour, going home from work. There were no seats available, and I was getting over the flu, so really appreciated mine. It was a backward-facing seat.I spotted an old lady, probably 70-something, standing up and wobbling around. I immediately jumped up as I always do for old/pregnant/disabled people and asked her to please sit down in my chair.She looked the other way. I started to go red. I asked her again. She said “WELL missus, I don’t WANT to sit in a backward-facing seat, DO I?” and she turned her face!I was completely humiliated by now, and slunk back to my seat. Someone else in a forward-facing seat then got up and she accepted. Honestly for a minute I thought she might not want to take my seat cos I’m mixed race and some older people can be extremely rude to us.Should I not bother next time if I am just going to get shot down?To ‘LesGrossman’, I have a heart and I am easily stung, of course I’m going to remember it.To everyone else, thanks so much, you give me hope that it was HER problem, and I did the right thing!To SecondHandTink – exactly. I was going home at 5.30pm which is rush hour, and I work in what is a business area of London, there’s not much else going on there – so people have to understand that all the City workers are going home at that time. I know people are entitled to travel whenever they want, but if an elderly person chooses to travel in the middle of rush hour in a business district, well, then, that’s kind of not wise.
A: If you felt humiliated, then you did that to yourself. NO ONE around you thought that, I’m sure. So you came out looking like the good guy and she came out as being the bit*ch.Forget it, move on. And I’d think about this answer before you let another old person wobble around and perhaps fall just because of this stupid (perhaps mentally ill) old cow. I’m old, and on any bad day using public transport, I do appreciate considerate people like you very much.
why are people so rude towards pregnant teens?
Q: ok mostly its adults..they always go oh your so young you’re still a child.well now that im pregnant it’s time for me to grow up right??i don’tt need long speeches like oh what are you doing having sex anyway..i didn’t ask for all of that i just need a question to my answer nothing more…and i have had sex nothing could be done about has happened already so get over it!! it’s a modern world thing change!! another thing i hate is when they say oh we are just worried about you well look stop trying to be a hero because you’re not let us make our mistakes and learn from them right?? IM GETTING OLDER NOT YOUNGER!! another thing parents don’t listen to there teens its all about your a child i know whats best..its our live not yours remember??? let us do what we think is right sometimes we need to grow up on our own….another thing alot of adult women are always going oh you young girls are so quick to open up your legs and shit like that actually you never know how we feel alot of you adults think you know when you don’t know and honestly i think i am a better mother than alot of these low life adult mother out here!! so how about you let me live my life and learn from it…you can’t be with us 24/7 you have to let us grow up because one way or another we are going to..and wether you like it or not we are going to get older and do older people things….you try to keep us on lock down trust me we find ways to get stuff done the way we want we will find a way no matter how much you don’t want us to grow up we are going to we have to so just let us….no matter how much you try to protect us or save us from mistakes..we are going to make them just let us grow up im tired of hearing you are still a child…NO IT DOES NOT GO LIKE THAT BECAUSE WE A GETTING OLDER NOT YOUNGER..DUHH THATS THE WHOLE POINT OF GROWING UP AND MAKING GROWN UP DECISIONS..RIGHT??? ANYBODY AGREE?? ANY QUESTIONS OR COMMENTS???
A: your an idiot. unless you are legal to leave home and have firstly proved that you can live out in the big wide world without mommy and daddy paying your way you have no right to bring a child into the world when you yourself are still a CHILD and most likely cant even take care of yourself before worrying about a baby…. its ignorance like this that makes people angry with teenagers.and you say quote: “stop trying to be a hero because you’re not. let us make our mistakes and learn from them right?? IM GETTING OLDER NOT YOUNGER!” a baby shouldnt have to be a MISTAKE that you have to LEARN from!
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