Can overweight women get pregnant

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Sure, overweight women can get pregnant, although they face a lot more possible complications during pregnancy and childbirth. [ Source: ]
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Can overweight women get pregnant
Sure, overweight women can get pregnant, although they face a lot more possible complications during pregnancy and childbirth.
Does every overweight pregnant women get gestational diabetes??
Around 3-8% of pregnant women will develop Gestational Diabetes. There are some risk factors that will increase your chance of developing Gestational Diabetes and being overweight is one of them. However, a thin woman is nearly as likely to…
Should the US federal government make it illegal for an overweigh…?
Some people are over weight not by will!some are genetically like that.Would say as long as you are healthy it doesn’t matter even the skinny ones have issues when it comes to pregnancy.What about you re-write your question like this.Should…

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Overweight pregnant women….?
Q: I am 25 yrs old and I weigh 330 lb and i am 5’10”. I have already lost 40 lbs in the last 5 months and am still going. I was diagnosed with PCOS.My husband and I have been ttc for almost 2 yrs now. We had our first appt with the fertility specialist 2 weeks ago and we found out my hubby has NO sperm count so we are looking into sperm donors.I guess I was just wondering if anyone that is severely overweight(as myself) has had any success in conceiving?!?One of my other little silly things is I keep wondering if when i DO get pregnant, will ppl be able to tell because of my weight problem…if anyone has any photos or’d be nice to see I think I am just feeling a little bit overwhelmed and this whole baby thing is ALL I can think about, no matter how much I try to take my mind off of it…so ANY positive comments etc are GREATLY appreciated!!Please no mean comments, I know I am fat and I HAVE been losing weight
A: Well, first off, the primary reason you haven’t been able to conceive is that your husband appears to be sterile. You probably have thought all along that it is your fault. I am also overweight. With our first two children, we underwent fertility treatments, though nothing too extreme, I used clomid. I am now expecting our third child, and this time getting pregnant was a surprise, and I didn’t think I could be surprised!I’ll give you information pregnancy by pregnancy. The first time, I was just coming off birth control pills, and didn’t have a period for about a year. I used a wild yam cream, and my periods started up again. For overweight women, I highly recommend looking into this, because fat cells produce estrogen, causing a hormonal imbalance. The wild yam absorbs through the skin, and your body uses the natural chemicals to create the hormone progesterone, which is the balancer for estrogen. I recommend the natural wild yam, not artificial progesterone cream, and cream instead of tablets because most of the supplement is destroyed in the stomach. I bought from a company called Syringa, you can find them online, and there are other companies that make a good product, just make sure you don’t skimp on it if you decide to try it, and get a good brand. If you’re having weird periods, you can start by using the cream every day, multiple times a day. When I first started it, I used it every time I used the restroom, as a way to remind myself to use it often. You can apply it to your chest, the undersides of your arms, your face, your bottom, your thighs, your stomach, you just rotate the application site. I most often put in on my stomach and abdomen, since that is most convenient. So, at first I used it a lot, and then as my periods returned and became more normal, I used it 2 or 3 times a day. After my periods were totally regulated, I used it a couple times a day every day I wasn’t menstruating, when my period started, I would stop using it and then start again in a few days. If you’re having normal periods already, you can adapt this to your personal situation. I have a lot of the symptoms of PCOS, but my blood work didn’t indicate I have the condition. I think I’m maybe borderline. Anyway, once my periods were somewhat normalized, I felt I was healthy enough to at least try some fertility treatment help, and after about 4 cycles on the Clomid, we conceived. I continued to use the wild yam cream while on the fertility treatments, and during my pregnancy.With my second child, I again used the wild yam cream, and I had researched some herbs, like vitex and chaste tree berry. I don’t really remember how I used these, so I would recommend looking into it, there are a lot of herbs that can be used to boost fertility, but you have to use them with knowledge and care, so look into that. We were able to conceive after about a year of trying, with just a couple cycles on the Clomid after we weren’t able to conceive right away on our own.(My husband, by the way, has a normal sperm count, our difficulties were all because of me.)So, there are some things that helped me conceive the first two times. Now, how do I explain being able to coneive naturally the third time? I was trying to lose weight, following the advice of this book, “Lean & Free 2000 Plus” by Dana Thornock. I highly recommend this book! It’s available, used, on for under $5, and she also has a companion cook book you could get used as well, if you want. I lost about 10 pounds very slowly, over about 4 months, and wham! got pregnant. I have come to believe that proper diet is one of the most important things a woman can do to improve her fertility. If your body perceives that there is a famine–which is how the body understands low-calorie or fad dieting–the body will not allow you to get pregnant. It’s survival. The metabolism is there to keep you alive, if the body percieves a famine, it knows you cannot also support another life, so you may not be ovulating, or the conditions in the uterus may not be conducive to pregnancy. By the way, I needed to lose about 80 pounds, so I had lost about 10 of that. For $5, this book could truly change your life! I cannot recommend it highly enough.I also got another book, it’s “Fertility, Cycles & Nutrition” by Marilyn Shannon. She has lots of great information that could help you, and there is a chapter on improving male fertility that may also help your husband. This one is also available on As far as whether or not you will show, it really depends on how you carry your weight, and how you carry your child. With my first pregnancy, I looked like I had just gained 20 pounds or so, people who didn’t know me didn’t know I was pregnant. People who knew me could tell, but I wasn’t that big. With the second pregnancy, I showed a little more, and this time, I’m about 5-1/2 months along, and I definitely look pregnant. Some people also say that you carry boys and girls differently, and my first was a boy, my second and third are girls, so that could also explain showing more with the second and third pregnancies. Some women just stick out, others don’t. It is kind of a silly thing to worry about, but especially with your first pregnancy, you want to show! I understand that! People thought when I talked about having a baby on the way, that we were adopting. It wasn’t very funny at the time, but what can you do? I still got the stretch marks to prove my pregnancy, but I wasn’t about to show those to anyone!Well, hope any of this information helps you. I really hope you get the Dana Thornock book, she has common sense nutrition advice that is good for people of all ages and stages in life, and it could change your life as far as helping you lose the weight for good, as well as helping you conceive.Best wishes!
Can overweight women get pregnant?
Q: I am very much overweight My BMI is : 40,2 Are there anyother women who are this overweight and have managed to get pregnant?
A: I’m about the same BMI as you and I’m 28.5 weeks with my third child. I’ve always been heavy and have never had gestational diabetes or pre-eclampsia with any of my pregnancies. The only thing I’ve really noticed is I never look pregnant and usually gain less than 10 pounds. Good luck and know that it is possible to get pregnant and have a happy healthy baby regardless of your size.
To slightly overweight pregnant women…Will my belly fat show throughout my whole pregnancy?
Q: I am 5’2″, 148 before I got pregnant and now am 139 at 11 weeks and can’t even tell I lost weight (I had terrible morning sickness). I wanted to be 125lbs when I got preggos (which is a lean, healthy look for me) but it happened earlier than I thought. So to get to my question: I have a little fat belly right now and when I wear shirts, since I am either bloated or showing, I look disgusting because of the existing fat. Before I could work it my sitting up straight, ect look decent and now there is no way. My tummy does not pass as pregnant but as just flab lol. My ? is, when I start to show will my fat stretch out on my belly so I can wear the tight-on-the-belly maternity clothes that I love? Or will I look pregnant but have fat hanging off my belly? I know this is not a flattering question but that’s why I love Yahoo Answers! Thanks in advance for the help! 🙂
A: well im a uk size 16 so yes im a bit chubby and i thought that when i got pregnant id just look fat but when i reached the second trimester my bump actually looked like a bump, quite hard and no fat,and i never looked or felt more healthy in my life. don’t worry you will soon be blossoming!
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