Can pregnancy test work on dogs

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No! The hormones they test for in humans is different than what is found in pregnant dogs produce. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a pregnancy test work on a dog?
There are no pregnancy tests for dogs, and a human one will not work. Take your pooch to the vet.
Will a home pregnancy test work on a dog?
Yes, you can tell if a dog is pregnant from a home pregnancy test, but it must be the kind used for dogs. It is a rapid immunomigration test for detection of the hormone relaxin in canine blood. Just like the test for women it detects certa…
Do Home Pregnancy Test Work On Dogs?
No, a home pregnancy test will not work on dogs. Gestation (pregnancy) in dogs lasts 63-66 days. The earliest and most reliable way to diagnose pregnancy is via ultrasound. Ultrasound can be done as early as day 20-22. Talk to your veterin…

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will a pregnancy test work on a dog?
Q: can you use a human pregnacy test for a dog?? if not can i buy such a thing as a dog pregnancy test??
A: no theres none for dogs there is a bloodtest that can be done but in 30 days after tie a vet can confirm a pregnancy.
do over the counter human pregnancy tests work for dogs?
Q: i have a bloodhound that’s in heat and being that she’s only 1 and half we wanted to wait for another heat to come around before we breed her. she’s in a fence inside another fence that has a hot wire but this beagle showed up and some how got in and keeps getting in. we can’t let her in because she keeps peeing every where and ruining the carpet. we even tried crating her while she was inside but keep peeing out the side of the crate. we already took her to the vet thinking it was a urinary tract infection but it’s not. he said it was just her nerves because she knows what up and is nervous. we’ve knocked on every door in a 3 mile radius trying to find the owners of the dog and no one claims him and when animal control comes out he’s no where to be found. we can’t catch him so we just have a picture. we found her and the beagle hooked up this morning(first time we’re aware of) and want to know if she’s pregnant. does any one know if over the counter human pregnancy test work for dogs? just wondering so we don’t have to spend another $200 at the vet. thanksthanks to all you over aggressive answer people for being complete and utter asses. i’m not an idiot. i do not run a puppy mill. and i cannot sit out side 24/7 and watch my yard like some post nam crazy. the ONLY reason we are considering breeding her is to donate the puppies to regional law enforcement agencies and tracking dog programs for search and rescue. i could have shot the dog like most other people would have done but i’m not that type of person. regardless of what kind of puppies they are they will be well taken care of like she is by friends and family that have agreed to take a pup(and have it spayed or nuetered) if they aren’t what the agencies want. she is our pet and companion and stays inside with us more than she is outside but i’ll be damned if she’s going to ruin my carpet. so go change your tampons, put your big girl panties on, and realize that i’m not one of the idiots trying to make a living off of my dog. thanksshe’s not generally a nervous dog. this is the only time she’s ever exhibited any signs of distress. my vet said it’s because she knows he’s out side and that she’s in heat for the reason that he’s around and its her nature to want to be bred. she’s well on her way to a champion title in tracking and is 100% healthy according to the vet so soundness for breeding is not the issue. i have experience with the birth and care of many species of animals since i grew up on a farm in south west virginia. it’s not that i don’t have the money to spend on taking her to the vet i just don’t see the point in spending that much if i can find out another way. whether or not she is pregnant doesn’t really matter because either way the puppies will be well taken care of despite being full blooded or not. we’re just curious so we can let the friends and family that want puppies know to start getting ready since it will be in the next 4-5 months that the puppies will be ready to go to their forever homes
A: You don’t want to spend another $200? Get her spayed. Emergency c-sections cost thousands. Breeding is expensive. If you don’t know the difference between dogs and humans – again, get her spayed. Don’t know the potential sire of the litter and if he’s carrying an STD that could kill your b*tch and her litter? Get her spayed. ANYONE who does not know enough to not allow a b*tch in heat outside unattended, should not be breeding. Get her spayed”the ONLY reason we are considering breeding her is to donate the puppies to regional law enforcement agencies and tracking dog programs for search and rescue”They don’t want your BYB puppies. They get dogs from GOOD breeders who produce WORKING dogs who can do the job they need to, you don’t get that from breeding random dogs together. They also do NOT want dogs that haven’t been FULLY tested for genetic & health issues. They put a LOT of time, money and energy into training these dogs, and they don’t want to find out that after all their time and money, they have a dog with bad hips. They also need dogs with temperaments that are suited to the work that needs to be done. Again, your dogs would fail miserably. Stop with the BYBing excuses (we’ve heard ALL of them before), grow a spine and at least have the balls to anti up & stop making excuses for yourself with your altruistic reasons for breeding
can this work? pregnancy test on a dog?
Q: hi i know this is a little goofy but i always wondered can a human pregnancy test work for a dog? hehe just a though that poped in my head.woa there calm down golden gal! i wasnt trying to do it! my girl just had her pups and im against bybing and take my girls to the vet to confirm. i was just wondering i heard some people talking about it.ok ok i get it golden gal. you got upset about the question. im sorry, but i just wanted to know. as i said before i heard some people talking about it.and i wouldnt know about the hormones in a pregnant woman as i dont have kids. or plan to for that matter.
A: LOL!NOPE!But, if they did I couldn’t even imagine how you could get the dam to pee on it!But, ya. I heard some BYB talking about it too!All my dogs go to the vet to see if they are pregnant or not.If they did work, I am sure it would be a big mess of urine all over your hands and everything.And, thats just not worth it. I would much rather just go to the vet then getting covered in dog Urine.
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