Can you be pregnant even after you get your period

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Yes, there is a chance that you can be pregnant after your period, but that is a very rare occurrence.You can take a test in 2 wks [ Source: ]
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Can you still be pregnant even after you get your period??
Pregnant After Having a Period Here are opinions and answers from FAQ Farmers: ・ I was one month pregnant and I had my period the next month. While my mother was pregnant with me she … ・ After having what I thought was a normal 6-7 day pe…
Is it possible to be pregnant even after you get your period??
yes you might be pregnant and if i were you i would get a pregnency test and see
Can i get pregnant even after my period?
You can get pregnant any time of the month. Most likely 2 weeks after the start of your last period. But plenty of women have ovulated during their period. Unless don’t mind getting preg and are willing to take the chance, use birthcontol a…

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Can you still be pregnant even after you got your period ?
Q: I just had my period about a week or two ago but I’ve recently been getting pregnancy symptoms. I am also on the pill .. so I think it might be because I’ve been taking it at different times since my schedule. Any thoughts on that ? The symptoms are tender breasts, urinating a lot, little cramps.
A: Well, it wouldn’t be a period, but sometimes with early pregnancy you sometimes bleed. The bleeding isn’t to the extent of a period though. However, if might be side effects of the pill. You just had your period, there is no way you could already be pregnant this quickly w/ symptons.
Can You Still Be Pregnant Even After You Have Your Period?
Q: well we thought we conseved the first monday of august and then we were going to get checked ot on monday the 27 a month latter and on that day she had her period. and we didn’t go, does that mean that she’s not pregnant???
A: well I would say no, she’s not pregnant, although there has been woman that have their period while they’re pregnant its very slim chances, being that you thought you conceived on the 1st, i assume she was ovulating, which would fall right in the timeline of a 28 day cycle and she started her period right on time. Anyways good luck!
can you get pregnant even after you already had your period?
Q: my bf and i kinda tried to have sex last nov.26. i dont know if you can even call it sex. he inserted his penis but not all the way and right away we stopped coz of my fear of getting pregnant. then i had my period last nov.29. i still have it now but it appears to be spotting but i had the normal bleeding with clots and everything during the first 5 days of my period. can i be pregnant? pls help!
A: if you’ve already had your period then i don’t think there’s a chance your pregnant. if you don’t want to be worrying about getting pregnant then tell your bf to use a condom or you take the pill. believe me is better to be responsible now then regret it later.
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