What is a good pro life slogan

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Horton was right – a Person’s a Person no matter how small! or If it’s not a child, you’re not pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-good-pro-life-slogan ]
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・ …1. Choose life, your mother did. ・ …2. It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish (Mother Theresa)…. ・ …3. God loves children, born and unborn. ・ …4. Any country that accepts abortion, is n…

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What do you think are some good Pro-Life slogans to put on a pencil?
Q: Someone I know wants to have pencils engraved with a pro-life slogan. But it has to be under 30 characters, including periods and spaces, etc. Something to attract the youth too.Any ideas?
A: human is humankiller is someone who kill.come as you are.Don’t let go.life is not possession.smell like teen spirit.where you might have been ?give a chance to make a utopia!how one can end a life ?Respect !what if Edison feticide ?let the cycle rotate !What if it was you ?Save them !They are human beings!…they are my suggestions, let me know if you are going to use any of them.good luck
Can anybody think of a good quote to sum up the fact that I am pro life?
Q: Not a negative one, nothing that mentions the word abortion or condemning those who end the life of an unborn or anything like that. Something positive. Focusing on how precious life is, or how the life of the unborn deserves a chance, or something, I can’t think how to say it. Basically not a protest comment, just something marking the value of life of a child (or life at all). Does that make sense?I have a tattoo idea that I’ve been thinking about for a while. Just an idea for now, might not go through with it, I give myself a year to consider something like that. But if I do have it, under it I want something to the effect of what I just said up there ^ I don’t want a protest slogan on my body.I don’t want to start an abortion debate here by the way, if you have anything nasty to say on either side of the argument just don’t bother, I know most of us people in this section hate the issue being raised, I’m just asking this here as I think I’ll have the greatest chance of finding something or someone!It can be a religious quote, (state what and where from) as I’m of the belief that all religion is one. Or a quote from anybody in history. Or, failing that, even if you have your own suggestion I’d be happy to hear it!LOL how did I guess that there’d be some ignorant people who can’t resist sticking their nose in? Whatever happened to just answering a question, or leaving it if you don’t know an answer?Now, I know this is going to be pretty difficult for you to understand, because you are quite clearly very unintelligent, but I’ll try…I’ll reiterate:-I do NOT want a slogan of my dislike for abortion.I want something reflecting the fact that I have a value for life, born and unborn.The idea itself is nothing to do with abortion, it is more to do with my son. I simply want a line reflecting my value for life and my appreciation of it’s beauty.Which is why I said I want it in no way to be negative or mention abortion.Also, last time I checked, this is my body, not yours?I’ll also add that I design tattoos all the time, 99.9% of which I don’t go through with, it is just a hobby. My ‘year of thinking’ is a good approach, because it means I’m not covered, I only actually have one tattooafter dozens of ideas.There is every chance I will never have this put on my body.But I am an artist and I enjoy design.If you have nothing constructive to say, and can’t quite muster the brain cells to *understand* what I was saying in the slightest (something I know must be hard for some of the uneducated people in this world) then I suggest you refrain from answering.trynitis – that’s perfect!Life equals Love.I love it! That’s all I wanted, just something simple. That’s what’s going down :-)Thanks to the others who gave HELPFUL answers too! 🙂
A: Every life deserves a chance.Every child is a gift from above.Jesus loves all, born and unborn.
Is it possible to be “pro life” and for war at the same time.?
Q: I hear a lot of the anti abortion ranters also agree with the war and think that we are doing good in Iraq. Which makes me wonder…how can one be pro life and pro war at the same time? I hear the term “baby killer” or the old “killing innocent babies” as a constantly spouted slogan, but what about the innocent babies in Iraq that are blown up, dying, losing limbs, getting shot? I’m interested in why a lot of the people fighting for rights of the unborn are the same that are supporting the war.hmmm so far no one has actually answered this question. If one is passionate about human life wouldn’t you have an opinion on this instead of bashing liberals and such?zee bee that was written before I got answers other than liberal bashing :)Mr. clean- Saddam would have ruled for CENTURIES? Wow.
A: They’re only upset when it’s Christian babies getting killed.EDIT: When a “pro-lifer” answers “do you support the war” with “yes”, you reply. “so you believe that in some cases, the law allows us to kill?”.And all you ignoramuses who are bleating the whole line about this being a defensive war – it’s not. The Taliban (supported by CIA operative Osama Bin Laden) was forcing women under the burqa and destroying Afghanistan’s culture for a long time, while the US did nothing, and the Iraq invasion had nothing to do with freeing Iraqis from Saddam Hussein. THE UNITED STATES PUT HIM IN POWER FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! One is either lying, or seriously deluded if one claims that either one war was started as a defensive action. Both wars were planned BEFORE 9/11. The sole goal is control of oil and drug resources. “Killing for convenience”, if you will.
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