Can you be pregnant if you have your period but you have morning sickness

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Technically no, but you may have bleeding or spotting during pregnancy that can seem like a period. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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How soon after your missed period do you get morning sickness if …?
About a week, though it varies from person to person.
Could you still be pregnant if you have no morning sickness and h…?’t_missed_your_period_yet
Yes, but you will have to wait until after your period is due to find out (and you can have some spotting even then), so the most definitive way to know if you are or are not pregnant is to get a home pregnancy test. If it shows positive, m…
What are the symptoms of pregnancy other than morning sickness an…?
There are other signs and symptoms of pregnancy. You have mentioned two of the most common and the most obvious, an absence of menses. However, you should also remember that early morning nausea and the lack of menses can also occur with ot…

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When does morning sickness start and can you get pregnant a week before your period?
Q: Ok about a month and a half ago, I wasn’t on anything to prevent pregnancy and my boyfriend ejaculated in me. I was due for my period a week later and I got it. After that I started the Nuva Ring. I was also on Ammoxicillian which I was told will make my Nuva Ring not effective so I should of used some protection. I was told this after the fact. My boyfriend and I are very sexually active so we where having sex this whole time and not worrying about it. I am due for my period this up coming monday. The past 10 days I have been sick to my stomach everytime I eat I get so nauseated. All my friends are asking me what’s wrong. I’m just so tired and I don’t feel like eating anything but I have time during the day that I do feel good but that’s only if I don’t eat. There were a couple days the past 10 days that I was almost puking but didn’t. I wonder if maybe I could be pregnant and I was wondering when the sickness part starts. Can you get pregnant a week before your period?I was going to planned parenthood! But we figure if it’s meant to to be it will be. I am 25 and my boyfriend is quite a bit older then me. We love eachother very much and can be ready if need be to support and take care of someone. I am very nervous but yet excited too!Also I don’t have any other symptoms other then the nauseated when I eat or think about eating and I had some lite brown spots in my underwear a few days before I started getting nauseated. Didn’t really think to much about it until the nausea didn’t go away.Should I take my ring out if I think there might be a chance that I am pregnant?Should I take my ring out if I think there might be a chance that I am pregnant?
A: Morning sickness can start at anytime, some women are lucky and don’t get it at all, some get it all the way through, I was one of the unlucky ones and had it before i missed my period and had it all the way through. It doesn’t necessarily happen in the mornings either, i had it at 5pm every single day with 3 pregnancy’s.As for can you get pregnant 1 week before your period starts, the answer is yes you can. You ovulate approximately 14 days before your period is due, but it is possible to ovulate more than once in 1 month without knowing so it is possible to get pregnant any time of the month. You need to wait until you are at least 7 days late for your period and take a test using the first urine you pass when you wake up in the morning, if that is negative and you still don’t get your period, wait until you are4 10 days late and ask the doctor to take a pregnancy blood test. It is also possible to get pregnant whilst on your period, there are no safe days
What are the odds of getting pregnant by having sex while you are on your period?
Q: i had sex the second day of my period. i have a cold/ maybe morning sickness, feel dizzy sometimes, and feel like vomiting but have never actually have to. do you thing i can be pregnant? if i am then it has been about 3 you know anyone this happened to? or am i just stressing?
A: well i had sex on the first day of my period and now im pregnant with twins!! so what do u think
Morning sickness the day of your expected period?
Q: So, I went through the implantation bleeding and cramping at 8 dpo and they lasted 3-4 days. I had taken the first response hpt @ 2 days before my expected period but got a negative. I’m sure I was testing too early because I already had an intuiton about being pregnant. So I was going to wait until monday (2 days after my expected period) to let the hormones build up in my system. The only symptoms I have been having is light-headedness, constantly having to spit because there is so much saliva in my mouth, and frequent bathroom trips. Today is my expected period day, and woke up to morning sickness instead. I have been feeling very “full” and bloated all day today. Do you think that maybe NOW I can take a test since instead of waiting 2 days. I figure, if I have enough HCG hormones to start bringing on these symptoms, maybe there is enough to show up on an hpt? I know Im pregnant, I just need to get that bfp so i can go to the dr and get prenatals.I’m definitely not sick. And I have a very healthy diet, steamed vegetables and lots of fruit. I drink nothing but water and juice. I know I’m pregnant, I just need to get that positive test so its “official” . Thank you everyone for your advice 🙂
A: sometimes the symptoms come before the positive test does. i would still wait a couple days to test again. But if you are dying to do it now (and i know you are lol) go ahead and take one now, it could be a BFP. Good Luck
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