Can you fly while pregnant

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Any pregnant woman flying after 24 weeks of pregnancy is required to have a letter from a doctor confirming that it is safe MORE [ Source: ]
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Can you fly while pregnant?
There shouldn’t be any problem flying while pregnant. You need to buckle the safety belt below your stomach. And be aware of the air pressure on your ears and possibly your stomach as far as getting sick. Those are just a couple of general …
Is There A Risk For Flying While Pregnant?
Important information for every pregnant woman who plans to travel. Know your risks and how to minimize them, to protect both yourself and your unborn baby. read more
Is it Safe to Fly in an Airplane while Pregnant?
There are many misleading myths roaming in society about being pregnant and flying in an airplane. Should you fly when you are pregnant or avoid it for your baby’s safety? These questions pop up in every pregnant woman’s mind. How safe…

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What is the latest you can fly while pregnant?
Q: Can you fly right before your due date if you have a doctors note?
A: With in two weeks before and I call it quits.
How long can you fly while pregnant?
A: I know the advice can be slightly different per country but for the UK & Netherlands it is the official adsvice not to fly from 30 weeks. The reason why is air cabin pressure & the risk of labour (plus it can’t be comfortable!)Personally I choose not to fly at all as there is all sorts of info out there on the risks, but I had friends that flew until 29/30 weeks without any problemsAirlines also have their own policies, so check with them and also ensure that you are covered by insurance for medical expenses whilst abroad.
Can you fly while pregnant?
Q: I wanted to know if you can fly while pregnant? im 3 months pregnant and im going to be flying in like two months or sooner?i heard its not safe from a friend but my motherinlaw says its fine???
A: “Pregnant women need not be restricted from flying. Most airline permit pregnant women to fly until the end of the 35th week of pregnancy, whereupon expectant mothers are strictly advised not to fly. “Tips for for Pregnant Flyers Check out the useful advice at the site below:
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