Can you get pregnant during a period

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In a word: YES. But it isn’t very likely. But playing with fire, you are likely to get burned. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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It is possible to get pregnant during your period. The chances are much smaller, but anytime you have unprotected sex, you take a chance at becoming pregnant.
you’re welcome, IGal,. the name of that book is the Art of Natural Family Planning. There are a couple other books written on fertility awareness but that is the most throrough one that I have read. if you get pregnant on your period, that …

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Why can’t you get pregnant during period week of the pill?
Q: Why can you get pregnant during your period if you AREN’T on the pill, but you can’t if you are on the pill? Even though you aren’t taking pills for a week.I’m currently taking levora. The period week are sugar pills just to remind you to take pills. You don’t need to take those, so I haven’t been, just cause I like not having to stress on taking a pill for a week.
A: It’s a complicated answer, and I will try to not make it so.If you aren’t on the pill, it is impossible to tell when you will ovulate. It can technically be at any point in your cycle, even during your period. Also, sperm can live inside a woman’s reproductive tract for up to 7 days (average is 4-5, but up to 7 has been recorded). So if you have sex during your period, the sperm can still be there to fertilize an egg if you ovulate approximately 6 days later.If you are on the pill, it tricks your body into thinking it already ovulated (due to hormone levels). It also thickens cervical mucus (to disallow sperm into the uterus) and slows down the travel of the egg in the fallopian tube (because an egg must be fertilized within 24 hours of ovulation). The uterine lining is much thinner so, on the off chance that fertilization does occur, implantation cannot occur. So even though you’re not taking pills for a week, you begin to take them right after your period. Your body thinks you’ve already ovulated so it doesn’t. If by some fluke you did ovulate during your period and it was fertilized, the lining of the uterus becomes inhospitable to implantation.I hope that makes sense. If you need further clarification feel free to email me.
Can you get pregnant during period?
Q: My friend has her period and she plans to have sex on the 3rd day. Her period only lasts 5 days. Does she have a higher risk?
A: Well her chances of getting pregnant are lower than if she were ovulating (which is typically in the middle of the cycle) but there is always a chance of getting pregnant… Even on her period. Hopefully she uses protection
How is it possible that a woman can get pregnant during her period?
Q: When people say you can still get pregnant during your period, does that mean that because the sperm can live for a couple days that it could get to another egg or does that actually mean that the egg, being washed out out the vagina, actually gets implanted? It sounds really fishy to get pregnant when the lining of the uterus and the egg itself is being washed out.yuliya_f:Do you understand how CRAZY your answer is? If that was true women could get pregnant every single time they have sex.
A: some women make more than 1 egg in each cycle.. sooo… there could be one that’s still not being washed out.. it’s very unlikely this happens.. but it does!!
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