Can you go to jail if you’re pregnant

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Yes. If you commit a crime, you may be forced to serve jail time regardless of whether or not you are pregnant. [ Source: ]
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Can you go to jail if you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Yes. If you commit a crime, you may be forced to serve jail time regardless of whether or not you are pregnant.

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If you’re a runaway and get married can you still go to jail for being a runaway?
Q: I know you can get married in Georgia if you’re a pregnant teen without parental consent. But can the courts still classify you as a runaway and put you in a detention center just because you’re still underage, even though you’re married?
A: You might not be considered a runaway in Georgia, but you might be in the state you left. Since that’s where the law was broken, you fall under the jurisdiction of the state in which you are considered a runaway. It would be up to them to decide to prosecute you &/or the person who helped you.
How to tell your dad you’re pregnant? Can I have the child without him knowing?
Q: I’m 16. My [ex] boyfriend is 21 years old. We started dating in April09, and became sexually active in May09. He is not my first partner. In June, the relationship became [somewhat] abusive, sometimes he would hold me down when we fought. One day, when we broke up, I wasn’t thinking and I told my dad, and he filed for abuse and battery. While the police were at my house, they asked me if him and I were sexually active. I became angry, because that had nothing to do with the case, and they automatically assumed I had slept with him when I responded, “Why is that anyone’s business?” I live in California, where that is considered statutory rape. He got 16 days in jail for “abuse and battery” which they are now calling child abuse. The 2 felonies [sexual intercourse with a minor] and [relations with a minor] were dropped because I did no go to court. Once he got out of jail, he came and talked to me, apologized, said he had changed and that he’s taking classes, and asked if he could see me again, because I was the only thing he could think about, and that he needed to see me. His parents hate me. His whole family hates me. My dad said I better not even think about getting back with him.But I did.I might be pregnant, and it’s the toughest situation in the world. He would support the child. He used to be a manager at a sushi bar, until he went to jail. Although it’s hard to get a job in the U.S. right now, the title could help. The only thing is, my dad would kill me if he knew I might be pregnant with him. I told him I wasn’t pregnant when he asked if I’d have a baby 9 months from now… I have no mother in my life. This makes it twice as hard.What am I supposed to do? It sounds like abortion is the only option.I was thinking I could have the child but keep it a secret, and have his parents take the child until I turn 18 when I could be in the child’s life. I’m overweight as it is… my best friend’s cousin is 8 months pregnant and you can barely tell..Oh, I forgot to mention, we have a restraining order against each other for 3 years…
A: you can’t have a child without your parents knowing.the best decision is to come clean and tell them in a calm mature way.but first be sure that your pregnate
Is it illegal to tell a guy you’re pregnant if you aren’t?
Q: I really want to work it out with my ex but I don’t want him to stay working at the same company. He’s worked really hard to get this job so he won’t leave unless I do something to make him feel like he has to. I was thinking about moving to another town because my sister lives there and I know I’ll be able to get a job an a place to stay there temporary an then Im going to call him and tell him I’m pregnant because I know he’ll quit his job an come live near me if he thinks im having his baby.The problem is im not really pregnant and I would have to tell him after he quit and moved that i was wrong but i dont want to go to jail so if he finds out i lied can he have me arrested?I dont want him to work there anymore because they keep him too busy to call me and he has a really pretty coworker and i think he has a crush on her
A: Under the conditions you described here then yes you can get into real trouble. Why would you want to lie and tell someone you are pregnant when you aren’t? Are you people out there that desperate that you would try to force someone to live with you even though they dont love you?
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