Can you get tatoos when you pregnant

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Tattoos are not recommended during pregnancy. Pregnancy affects your skin and can change the look of the tattoo. [ Source: ]
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Although there is nothing specific that keeps you from getting a tattoo when your are pregnant, you should not risk it. You still face the risk of infection and that could be deadly to your unborn baby.
It’s not the best idea, I got one at 4 weeks on my wrist, I didn’t know I was pregnant untill 7 weeks, everything was fine and my babys fine. But you don’t want to take the risk of getting an infection from a needle while pregnant. I’d wait…
You can, but there’s always a risk of hepatitis from a dirty needle, and you do *not* want hepatitis when you’re pregnant! Just wait a few months, OK?

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Can anyone help with this family issue?
Q: Ok, I been living with my grandparents since i was 2 years old. Me along with my sister who is six years older than me. Our mother was sent to prison because of a drug conspiracy, along with my father. My sister father on the other hand never came around. My grandfather is strict and he doesn’t take any crap. It’s hard to talk to anyone if i have a problem because you know parents always think their right and they forget to consider how you feel. My sister was bad always got whooped with a belt, had bad grades ditched school, got pregnant, got tatoos. so yeah she was bad. but she graduated and we weren’t invited to her graduation. Now its me in the house and my mom comes back home from prison 14 years later. we do not get along at all. WHY? i feel that the first time she came home was a time for us to catch up on things. instead she has me cleaning, tells me that i’m lazy and blah blah blah. Im 15 years old at this time when she came. Let me tell you now that my grandma has multiplesclorosis and cant walk or feed herself. So me and my mom don’t get along constantly arguing. Now when my sister comes around their inseperable. I guess because my sister was with my mom longer before she went to jail . thats why they have a bond. but it erks me. Its so bad that we dont get along that she told my aunt not to get me any school clothes for school . Im 16 now and im going to be 17 in 3 months. I graduate next year. and i just can’t take this man. i can not live in this house anymore. i forgot to tell you guys i share a room with her. she’s always going through my phone, all in my conversations, and she makes everything seem like my fault. i reall cant stand her. please help
A: You don’t have to like your mother, because she was never really there for you at all. Make a valid attempt to sit her down and let her know how you feel, how difficult it was for you, and how you feel disconnected because of the lack of a relationship. Say you were really hoping to bond with her, but you feel she’s not making an effort to know you and instead attempting to take full control. If this doesn’t work, talk to your grandmother or sister about it and maybe they can help. Good luck!
Are tatoos healthy and can you give blood after you get one ?
Q: is it also true that women who get tattoed on their lower back cant get pain releiver shots down there when they’re pregnant ?and is color any better or worse than black ?
A: Ok to address all your questions…1. Giving blood – must wait 1 year after getting your tattoo per the American Cross2. epidural when in labor – my cousin is anesthisiologist (the doctor that administers the epidural) – she said that some doctors will and some won’t….the main concern of the doctor believe it or not is that they do not want to be held liable should your tattoo get messed up in any way. There is no medical harm done in having an epidural if you have a tattoo.3. There are no better or worse colors….it’s really a matter of preference
What is The Sims 3 like? How has it been improved from The Sims 2?
Q: I’d preferably like this question to be answered from the lucky people who were able to buy this game yesterday unlike us from the UK, who have to wait until Friday!How does it compare to The Sims 2? Here are some of my favourite features I took from a website about what people would like to see in The Sims 3, have any of them come true?More skin tonesAbility to add highlights to hairHave unnatural hair coloursBe able for adults to date elders, teens to date adults etc.Labour to take place in a hospital unless it’s uncontrolable and they can’t make itAbility to go to other neighbourhoods/neighbours’ homesFor cars/motorbikes/kids on scooters to pass by the house now and againFor furniture to be able to go against a diagonal wallFor Sims to be more ‘clever’ e.g. don’t leave rubbish/food/baby’s diaper on the floorWhen a bed is against the wall and the Sim wants to go to bed, the Sim should be able to climb over the one which is in bed or ask them to scoot overDetention for the children/teenagers if naughty at school or they don’t do homeworkAbility for teenagers to ‘woohoo’ and even get pregnantAccidental pregnancy as it’s not always plannedLonger times for the baby to grow into toddler, toddler to child etc.More life stages such as ‘tween’, young adult etc.More gradual process of people aging e.g. the baby not just being tossed in the air and caught as a toddler on their birthdaySims realising it’s their birthdayBeing able to hire party acts for birthdays e.g. clowns, DJs etc.Ability to have an affair without being caught and then when they are caught the other Sim knows what’s happened as apposed to when a Sim in love kisses someone else and then the partner of that Sim hates the other Sim and ignores them, surely there’d be a fight or somtheingParents being able to place their baby on the sofa or a playpen instead of the floorA toddler, child etc. being able to lay in mummy and daddy’s bedA child having a nightmare in the middle of the night and start shouting for parents or run into their roomBeing able to choose shoes you want for each outfit instead of them being chosen for youMuscles, tatoos, piercings etc.Choosing body figure e.g. big boobs, tiny waist, big bottom, wide hips, fat thighs, skinny arms etc.Knowing more who your family is e.g. a toddler crawls over to nana, sits on her knee and nana reads her a story and the toddler is comfortable because she knows who the old lady isWhen in a money crisis asking to borrow from neighbours/friends/familyJewellery on Sims e.g. a watchThanks and can’t wait to play it on Friday, I’ve pre-ordered it!
A: You can choose any skin tone on a slider from dark to light. I might be mistaken but you might be able to choose custom colours ie any colour imaginable.The hairstyles themselves are a little dissapointing but the colour varieties are endless. You can choose any colour (ie any colour imaginable) for four areas of the hair (roots, tips, highlights, base colour). It’s ridiculous!I’m not sure about adults dating teens etc, but I don’t think so.You can visit neighbours, you walk around town, ring the doorbell and they come to greet you. You can see inside their houses.Cars pass by in the neighbourhood often and kids on bicycles.Furniture snaps against diagonal walls and looks great at 45degree angles. This is because of the smaller size grid (on the ground).I’m not very sure about Sims being more clever but you get to add 5 personality traits (Mental, Physical, Social, Lifestyle and 1 main one) these can consist of anything like neat, clumsy, genius, ambitious, workaholic, etc).I’m not sure about scooting over in bed, haven’t tried it yet.You can change the lifespan of all sims and turn off agingThe life stages are baby, toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult, elder.Shoes are completely customizable, lots of different styles, any colour and texture you want.The body shape is customized on two scales, one like the sims 2 thin to fat and the other is muscularity (if thats a word!). You can choose accesories with each outfit, including earings,watch, glasses, socks, bangles,etc. I dont think there’s any tattoos and body piercings yet.I will get back to you tomorrow with more answers as I havent explored much of the baby/toddler side.
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