Can you have vaginal discharge when you’re pregnant

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Yes, vaginal discharge increases normally in pregnancy due to the rapid turnover of cells. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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When you’re pregnant do you have more vaginal discharge??
Discharge and exhaustion hit me I missed my period. The discharge still hasn’t gone and I am 8 weeks. It is pretty nasty but it is a very good sign of pregnancy. Good luck!
Does vaginal discharge lessen when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
It’s different for all women. Some have more discharge from increased hormones. Many have less, from the cervix lining for birth.
Do you most people have a white watery vaginal discharge if they’…?
Unprotected sex causes a watery discharge when his semen leaks out of you. The vagina is self-cleaning. Most of us, thankfully, do not ovulate that close to when our period is due, but you could be an exception.

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Excess Discharge…anything but pregnancy?
Q: What does sudden large amounts of vaginal discharge imply? Can it happen when you ovulate or is it usually when you’re pregnant? I have an 8 month old baby, and after the surgery I went through, I am not supposed to get pregnant again for a long time (yeah, I know I should be on birth control…keep your eyes open for the next question I’m going to post about birth control options). My period just ended less than a week ago, so it may be ovulation, but wouldn’t it be too early for pregnancy symptoms? When I say excessive, it’s REALLY excessive! Please let me know what you think. Thanks.
A: it could be ovulation. but you could have an infection.. i doubt your pregnant, but then again, i’m 6 weeks and have excessive discharge too. good luck!
How is this looking? chances of falling pregnant high or low?
Q: this is my online ovulation predictor .. i had my period on thursday november 12th i had unprotected sex thursday november 19th, friday november 20th, saturday november 21st not necassarily trying for a baby kind of giving up hope after many lost and false hopes but i would be very happy/shocked if i did fall pregnant .. me & my other where talking lastnight about if we did fall pregnant what would we do and i was telling him oh i wasnt fertile when we had sex according to this online ovulation predictor i was fertile and i am experiencing a few mild cramps and alot of clear vaginal discharge & a little blood specks dots indicating ovulation :-)according to this chart and what i listed above how likely is for me to fall pregnant?Thursday 12th November 2009 – First day of your cycleSaturday 21st November 2009 – Best chance of conceiving a girlSunday 22nd November 2009 – A little bit fertile, best chance of conceiving a girlMonday 23rd November 2009 – Fertile, best chance of conceiving a boyTuesday 24th November 2009 – VERY fertile, best chance of conceiving a boyWednesday 25th November 2009 – Time to ovulateSaturday 5th December 2009 – A home pregnancy test may work now.Wednesday 9th December 2009 – End of cycleSaturday 12th December 2009 – No period? Maybe you’re pregnant!Thursday 19th August 2010 – If you are, this is your approximate due dateoh august 19th 4 days before my b-day :-)Additional Detailsi know they said maybe i can test december 5th if you were me when would you test?
A: If you’re planning it, “falling” pregnant sounds pretty wrong.
Could I be pregnant? or is it likely?
Q: Generally, I start my period and then my most dear friend starts her’s a day or two after. I had some symptoms of an approaching period (acne, sore nipples) but I didn’t start my period, and my friend started her’s 4 days ago. I’m not sure when my last period was, because of a rather disgusting occurrence last month, so I don’t really have that to compare to. I know that it ended some time before the 24th of Nov. though. I had sex for three consecutive days on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of this month.. smack dab in the middle of the 24th and now.. right in the middle of my cycle. I started looking into it because I’ve not been feeling myself lately. I haven’t been nauseous, but queasy throughout the day for the past 6 or 7 days. Also, I’m exhausted and sleep nearly 10 hours without feeling rested. I have a slight increase in vaginal discharge. My equilibrium feels off, I’m constantly bumping into things and feeling dizzy and lightheaded. My friend, who has had 3 children of her own, after hearing me complain about my symptoms last night turned to me and said, “you’re pregnant.” I looked on the internet and found that my symptoms can be signs of pregnancy, but would they have begun so soon? Is there any illness I could have that would give me these symptoms AND delay my period? Thank you so much for your help with this! The holidays have broke my budget, and I don’t want to go spending money on a bunch of pregnancy tests if it isn’t likely or if it’s too early to be worried about it.No, my period didn’t end on the 24th. My last period was abnormally heavy and lasted for quit awhile. Some how or another, I ended up putting two tampons in at the same time and only taking one out. I was leaking this foul smelling blood a little at a time for a little more than a week I would say before the second tampon came out on it’s own. I had a papsmear the next day just to be sure everything was normal, and the doctor told me that I wasn’t on my period at that time. That was the 24th of Nov. That is how I know that my last period ended some time before then, approximately a week. Sorry if that was tmi, I didn’t really want to share.. but I wanted things to be clear for those responding.
A: It does sound like you’re pregnant, especially since you had sex in the middle of the month. And also, you don’t have to go out and buy expensive tests. $1 tests at the dollar store work as well 🙂
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