Can you start your period even though you are pregnant

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Well, no, you can’t get your period once you’re pregnant. Some women do spot or bleed during pregnancy which is unrelated to that. [ Source: ]
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most pregnancies come with different symptoms, is normal feeling pain like in your period, however, if you re bleeding you should call your doctor. If you are in the last trimester, is normal and that sensation is called false contraction, …
Could I still be pregnant even though i started my period??
no because what you need for a pregnancy is coming out of you.your period is the lining of your uterus being shed.a fertilized egg needs the lining to implant.the fact that you have your period means the egg was never fertilized that’s how …
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In this scenario it would be extremely unlikely that you would be pregnant

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How long does it take to start your period after you have stopped taking birth control pills?
Q: I was on the pills for 3 1/2 years and stopped taking the pill in May. How long will it be before I have a period? Can I still get pregnant even though I’m not having a period?
A: I was on the pill for 6 years and when I got off my period came exactly 29 days later as if I where still on the pill. It just depends on your body b/c everyone is different. If you are ovulating you will have a period and if you and nor ovulating then you can not get pregnant.Check with your doctor if you don’t start soon.
is it possible to get pregnant the day you were SUPPOSED to start your period?
Q: ok so…i was supposed to start on nov. 15, which is when i started last month.the month before that i started the 17th tho. so im not sure…but anyways i was supposed to start the 15th this month and im usually on point when it comes to starting on time if not a little early. im usually never late. but on the 15th nothing happened, and i felt a little sick, runny nose and what not.then i started to feel VERY nauseous for a while but never threw up.i had sex after feeling like this for a while on the night of the 15th,well morning of the 16th because it was about 3am, and although he didnt cum in me ive heard stories about i thought well maybe ill get my period tomorrow…the 16th came and nothing except extreme tiredness and more nausea but still no vomitting…also my breasts were a little tender this morning which is unusual.and now its the 17th and im still im nervous and have lots of questions…how late are you supposed to be if you’re pregnant? can you get pregnant the day that you were SUPPOSED to start your preiod even tho i was ALREADY feeling nauseous and was already a day late? i just had a hepatitis A&B shot and tetanus on Fri. the 14th so i wasnt sure if that had anything to do with it? help =(and ive been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend since maybe jan. or feb. and he doesnt pull out but i’ve never gotten pregnant. so is it even possible for me to be now? and if i am pregnant was it from when i had sex before the night of the 15th or is it possible to have gotten pregnant that night even though i was already experiencing symptoms before that and was already a day late?but if i am pregnant is it more likely that i got pregnant before the night/morning of the 15th/16th?wow i didnt expect anyone to answer me…lol. you guys answer have really helped me. ill probably go home and take a test today. now im more worried about if i am pregnant wether or not its from before the time i had sex at 3am or if it could possibly be from that time? which is more likely? or is it hard to tell?
A: try reading this page. it says you are most fertile when you ovulate… which is about fifteen days after the first day of your period… so like a week to a week and a half after your period ends. so although you are unlikely to get pregnant the days your period is supposed to start it is possible. But. If you got pregnant after you ovulate you will still get your period that month. So if you got pregnant on the 15th and your period is set to start on the 15th… you still get your period. you don’t get it the NEXT month. But if you are having unprotected sex it is only a matter of time until you do become pregnant. So you should prepare yourself for that. Do you want to get pregnant? If not use birth control.
Can you get pregnant after unprotected sex even though..?
Q: You started your period the next morning?I am on the pill; I have taken the pill late once or twice & missed a day once. I had unprotected sex one night, but started the next morning?Could I be pregnant even though I started the next morning?!!?
A: My first child was born from a situation just like yours.Beware 😉
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