Can you still exercise while you’re pregnant

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Yes. No doubt about it, exercise is a big plus for both you and your baby (if complications don’t limit your ability to exercise). [ Source: ]
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Can you still exercise while you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Yes. No doubt about it, exercise is a big plus for both you and your baby (if complications don’t limit your ability to exercise).

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Can I still work out if I am pregnant?
Q: I usually work out 4 times a week for a half hour to an hour doing a mix of cardio and strength training. I know I’ve read you don’t have to eat for two while you’re pregnant and that most women overeat a great deal when there is no need to while they are pregnant. But what about exercise? I read an article in Italian Vogue that showed a woman who was 9 months pregnant running a marathon!
A: The best thing you can do is talk to your Doctor about your excercise routine and see what they’re thoughts are.Honestly, it would be much worse to essentially be sedentary during pregnancy than to engage in excercise. The “old school” mentality was that a pregnant woman was so fragile, she ought not even WALK anymore than was totally necessary. Today, we know that regular excercise in a reasonable manner is terrific for a pregnant woman! Being in shape helps you have a better birth, and recover more quickly afterwards.While there is no need to overeat (eat anything and everything in sight) you DO actually need to increase your caloric intake during pregnancy in order to offer your baby the appropriate amount and quality of nutrition. Talk with your Doctor about his or her recommendations, but do plan on increasing your portion sizes and frequency of meals just a bit as you go along. More proteins and vegetables for sure!
Mothers: What to do when you find out you’re pregnant?
Q: So i found out on Friday i’m pregnant. I know i’m supposed to take folic acid (but i did before the pregnancy already, 400mg). Should i see an OBGYN or a pediatrician? A midwife or some other specialist? I think i’m a month and 2 weeks (at most). I’ve also talked to my personal trainer and she mentioned that while we may not do the same exercises, we can still accomplish some goals to stay healthy. I also thought about consulting with my nutritionist since now there’s two of us to feed ^^ Any other advice?I just turned 25
A: You have a choice between an ObGyn or a midwife but you need to see one or the other. A pediatrician you need to find for your baby but not until you’re much, much farther along. You could see a nutritionist but you don’t need more calories until you’re in the second trimester you need about 300 extra, and in the third trimester you need about 500 extra. I wouldn’t take more folic acid yet until you get to the doctor because they’ll probably prescribe you prenatal vitamins that already have folic acid and it is possible to O.D. on vitamins.
Rounder belly and other symptoms, at 38 weeeks pregnant?
Q: Hi i’m 38 weeks, today, and been having odd pains here and there. I know my body is getting ready for labor but i’m just wonderin if there’s anyone who’s felt the same things and can explain what my body is doing or how much closer i am getting to labor, with their experiences? My boyfriend AND i have noticed my belly has gotten alot rounder that before and it feels different to me. My baby boy is head down but the top of my stomach is hard most of the day instead of the bottom, like before? And last night i had a terrible backache, one the right side more, and didn’t go away for about 5 full minutes, which is a while when you’re in pain of course. And i sit alot during the day, at work (i am a secretary for my family owned business, so i can rest all day, but still answer the phones, etc) and then i will come home and sit in bed all day, only getting up to eat or pee, so when i get up i start having back pain or leg cramps. Is it possible, it’s taking longer to go into labor or something, because of how much i am resting? This is my first baby and i know that sounds silly but i feel like if i did more, or exercised still like earlier in my pregnancy, labor would come quicker, or am i just being impatient?? If there’s any advice you can give me i’d love to hear it!P.S . . About my mucous plug too, i lost it December 2nd and haven’t seen anything else. That’s almost 2 weeks then, do you think labor should be soon? I’m starting to have worse backpain as i type this
A: First off you are not taking longer than usual for a first time mom. We take a bit longer to go into labor than second or third timers, don’t be surprised if your due date comes and goes. Second, it would help a lot if you went on long walks. I have a high floating baby and walks seem to drop her down a bit which makes her push down on my cervics more helping me dialate. It might also help with your crampy legs by streatching them and getting your blood flowing. I am due the 27th of this month and I honestly feel perfectly normal, aside from not being able to bend over and feeling my baby wiggle around a bunch. I have not had any braxton hicks at all so contractions will be new to me when they finally come. I hope that all stays well with you and your baby comes sooner than later, you sound ready to get to it. Good luck!!
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