Did lina medinas baby live

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The baby of Lina Medina, the girl who got pregnant at age 5, did live after being delivered by C-section, but later died at age 40 [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-lina-medinas-baby-live ]
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Did lina medinas baby live
The baby of Lina Medina, the girl who got pregnant at age 5, did live after being delivered by C-section, but later died at age 40
Who was the father of Lina Medina’s baby?
It was never revealed since there was no DNA testing during those days and she was a child who could not fully cooperate during the questionings by the police. They had initially thought it was her father, but had to drop the charges becaus…

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What would have happened if Lina Medina had to give birth vaginally?
Q: Lina Medina is famous in the medical community for being the youngest mother in recorded history. At the age of 5 years she gave birth (by Caesarean section) to a healthy baby boy.*Note, the facts presented are not open to speculation. Lina Medina DID exist and she DID have a child at the age of 5. Due to a condition known as precocious puberty her body was “ready” for impregnation at an extremely early age. Obviously the means of her impregnation bear thinking about (rape is all but certain), but no one was ever proven guilty.When Lina first became pregnant, her parents didn’t realize what was happening. They knew that her abdomen was getting larger, but they suspected a tumor or some other problem, because pregnancy in a 5-year-old is unheard of. They tried many local remedies, but when nothing worked they brought her to a doctor, who confirmed that she was 7 months pregnant. The baby was delivered through a Caesarean section.Now, my question is a hypothetical one. What if the parents hadn’t thought to go see a doctor within 9 months of the impregnation (remember that they had no idea she was pregnant until after the doctor said so – they thought it was a tumor)? Lina Medina could easily have gone into labor in her home. Since she essentially had the body of a 5-year-old (with the exception of slightly denser bones and more developed breasts, and obviously the ability to become pregnant), my question could be rephrased as asking “what would the effect of a natural childbirth be on a 5-year-old child?” An answer seems obvious at first – she wouldn’t live through it. But I’m looking for an actual medical analysis of this scenario. I know that Lina Medina likely would not have lived through the experience, but might the baby have? Would it have been able to pass through the birth canal, or would it have been too small? Would Lina’s pelvis have broken, or would the baby have been squashed to death (sorry for the image) while trying to fit through? What exactly would Lina Medina die of? Internal bleeding?I’m especially interested in hearing the opinion of an obstetrician if that is at all possible.
A: The baby wouldn’t even be able to come down the birth canal and she would of been screaming in pain while her body was in labor untill they figured out what was going on, which they would have. Even adult women have problems pushing our larger babies, although they know what is going on so they can get a c-section without the circus of figuring out what was happening. I didn’t hear about this, its sad though!
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