Do emergency contraceptive pills always work

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No. Emergency contraceptive pills contain estrogen and progestin are about 75% effective at keeping a woman from getting pregnant. [ Source: ]
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How emergency contraceptive pills work.
ECPs contain the same hormones used in oral contraceptives but in higher one-time or two-time doses. ECPs work primarily by preventing or delaying the release of eggs from the ovaries. They do not disrupt an existing pregnancy ( ). All wome…
Does Emergency Contraceptive Pills Work?
Yes, they work. That is why FDA has approved plan B emergency contraceptive. These pills work by inhibiting tubal transport, alteration of endometrial lining, etc. For details, visit emergency contraceptive pills mode of action. 
What are Emergency Contraceptive Pills and how do they work??
ECPs contain a special regimen of the same hormones as regular oral contraceptives (OCs). They are reserved for an emergency that might produce a pregnancy—a broken condom or slipped diaphragm, non-use of contraception, or rape. A woman usi…

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do the 72 hr emergency contraceptive pill always works?
Q: ofcourse if its taken within a few hrs of unprotected s e x
A: Nothing always works. You could be on the pill, use a diaphragm AND a condom, both coated with spermicide and still get pregnant. The surest method is dilation and curettage within hours of unprotected sex and even that isn’t 100% effective. If you believe the Roman Catholics, even abstinence isn’t a sure thing.But, emergency contraceptives do lower the risk of an unwanted pregnancy to negligible. The side effects from the high doses of hormones make it a bad idea for first option Birth Control, though.Always use Safe Sex practices, which also lower your risk for STD’s.
Does emergency contraceptive still work as effective when you’re sleeping?
Q: Does it still work as good, even if you are asleep. Because i know some pills dont always work as well when sleeping.
A: Ummm, what pills do not work well when you are sleeping?
i have done unprotected sex with my boyfriend i have always taken 2 i pills immediately,can i be pregnent?
Q: please tell me does contraceptives work after sex as i have taken 2 emergency contraceptives after unprotected sex?
A: ok so look…I would not be taking the morning after pill every time I have sex..You are misusing the pill and that could have counter effects. Now if you are talking about birth control, I am pretty sure that you are not supposed to take it right after you have sex. You need to either use protection or take your birth control pills according to the directions.
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