If a girls pregnant she can’t get pregnant again while she’s pregnant can she

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Nope! If a woman is pregnant, she can’t get pregnant again until after she gives birth. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-a-girls-pregnant-she-can%27t-get-pregnant-again-while-she%27s-pregnant-can-she ]
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Can A Pregnant Girl Get Pregnant Again While She’s Pregnant??
NO it is not possible to get pregnant again once you are pregnant.

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we’re worried about my young sister in law, but she won’t listen to us, is there nothing we can do?
Q: my sister in law will be 21 in March.She’s been living with her pot dealing boyfriend for about 2 years now and they just had a baby girl back in August.. he is very controlling and verbally abusive to her. he tells her that he hates her and that she ruined his life by getting pregnant and having their baby girl. if she makes him angry he will do things to punish her like hide her car keys and tell her she can’t go anywhere until she makes him not mad anymore. when he goes to work he will change the password on the computer so that she can’t use it while he is gone. she has certain times when she can go out to visit family, and she has a time limit that she is allowed to stay out. he deals pot out of their home, and has many numerous arrests because of it, the only reason he is not in jail now is because the last time he was busted in order to keep himself out of jail he became a nark and sold out the bigger people that he was working for, but that hasn’t stopped him he still sales it and grows it, and smokes it right there in the house with the baby present. she has talked to her sister about all of it, and her sister has come to my husband (their brother) and me about it wanting us to help her figure out what to do to help her. we tried talking to their mother about it, and she confronted her about it, and she lied to her mom and told her that none of it was true and now she is mad at us. she is usually a very intelligent girl, and none of us can understand why she is putting up with this kind of behavior.. i hate that there is nothing that we can do to help her.. short of maybe getting him arrested again for selling weed. i’m sure he’d go away for a long time if he gets busted again. but then she would hate us all because she would know who sold him out.. what do you guys think? he is now trying to talk her in to having yet another baby because he says that she messsed up by having a girl the 1st time and needs to make it up to him by trying to now have a son for him.. he is a monster in my eyes.. how do we open her eyes and make her see what he is? is there anything we can do to help her?
A: I work with abused women in the courts, am a state certified domestic violence advocate and a former victim, myself so I know whereof I speak. This is abuse. You need to understand a few things about abuse1. Abuse is brainwashing. Google Stockholm syndrome and abuse. Your sister is unhappy (very deeply unhappy) but she’s also brainwashed and afraid. It takes the average woman 7 tries before she leaves her abuser for good.2. Abuse only gets worse over time. Period. I’ve never seen an exception. The best that will ever happen is that it will change form (say verbal to physical or vice versa) but it NEVER (literally never) gets better and abusers do not change. This may be something to explain to her. Studies show that no abuser has ever been shown to stop abusing over the long term. Abuse may change form, but will not stop. Look up the cycle of violence for more info.3. The best thing you can do for her is listen. Since she IS being brainwashed, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where you can be made out as the “enemy”. He clearly is already trying to cut off her contact with you, so going all gung ho and saying “leave him!” will only put her on the defensive. Ask her about his behavior. Then, once you have listened, voice your concerns and tell her that you love her and will be there for her no matter what. This accomplished two things. One, it lets her know that she doesn’t have to fear trying to leave him and failing because you’ll still support her. Two, it helps her realize you love her and start to question why she can’t spend more time with you.4. Abusers tend to abuse children. There is a VERY high correlation between control, physical abuse, rape, and CHILD ABUSE. You may want to keep an eye on the child. She probably will not believe he would molest or physically hurt the baby, but judging from his behavior and comments about the child “ruining his life” I think it’s highly likely. Look for bruises or fear behaviors (like hiding, nightmares, bedwetting etc.) or inappropriate sexual knowledge in the child. If he ever physically hurts her with the child at home, report it to CPS because that’s considered child abuse.
My pregnant girlfriend said the baby isn’t mine, what do I do?
Q: My girlfriend and I went out for a year and a half (were not together anymore) and she has been pregnant for 3 months, and just recently she told me that the baby might not even be mine, and I think I am losing my mind, i cry everyday thinking about her and why she would do that. People say that she would say it out of hurt but im not sure she would do that. When we first went out things were great, she didn’t get along with her mom very well, and her mom completely hates me. Then her mom got involved with my girlfriend and things have gone downhill from there, but we would still have good times together. Everything was great, our sex life was insanely great, and we didn’t have much problems. she’s pessimistic and always looks at the bad times but I try to keep her head up, and usually it would be fine. I would be in and out of group homes and constantly kicked out of foster homes, and she would always be there at my side. I’ll admit I have cheated on her a while back ( I kissed another girl ) but I felt so bad about it and I didn’t want to hide anything so I told er the very next day, and we got back together but she said she can’t trust me, and I said okay (I’ll admit it drove me crazy but I dealt with it to be with her). Her mom told her to tell me that she was with another guy just to get back at me but she didn’t want to. I would do anything for her, i still would btu I’m not sure what to do, at the time she got pregnant everything was going good, i dont understand why she would cheat on me, i’m driving myself up the wall trying to figure it out. I talked to my girlfriend to tell me if she cheated on me, and she told me she would if she slept with another guy, but she would not if she kissed another guy and wouldn’t do it again (this was before she was pregnant). We’ve known each other for 3 years and have always been best friends, we were always there for each other no matter what. When we found out she was pregnant i was in a group home at the time and i was EXTREMELY HAPPY, I thought I was going to be a father, i know i’m young and I never had a good life at all, i never had a family literally, they abandoned me long ago. But other wise I was happy, and we laready came up with names, but now she doesnt want to give me the doctors appointment date, and when I asked if she even wanted me to go she never gave me a straight answer, she would say ” idk if you can b/c my mom takes me.” and ” idk, like i’ve never had anyone but my mom with me before and you cant be in there the whole time, the doctor will ask you to leave” and “idk because you would be in the waiting room and be bored” but every time i tried to explain to her that I know ill be in the waiting room, i know I will just be sitting there waiting but i wont mind and I can get a ride, I even said these things before i asked but she still said that. So i was curious about why she wouldn’t but i didn’t bring it up afterwards i didn’t want to stress her (she’s been under a lot of it). i called her the next day and she told me that she went and the doctor declraed her a high risk pregnancy ands she blamed me, she then started yelling at me and said I don’t care about her or he baby, she sadi i take no interest, i was in shock to her that, because they are my whole world. i was devastated at the fact the she was at high risk but then she blamed me, then she told me that she doesn’t want to ever talk to me again, and hung up. I just started bawling my eyes out, I couldn’t believe it. Then a few days later we talked online and she told me the same stiff and blamed me, then she said “remember the thiing i told you if ii diid iid never tell you -i should probably tell you now since it changes some things…..” when i read that my heart was pounding, then she wrote ” what would he think of me if he found out the baby isn’t his” i stared to tear and i wrote ‘what do you mean” and she wrote “he/she Isn’t yours” and then my body started shaking and i was crying uncontrollably and kept asking why and please tell me, please don’t leave, please, and she would not reply so i called her and she would not answer, she then logged off. I talked to her mom on the phone when I found out and I swear it sound like she laughed and told other people (she covered the phone, an she was in school, if that matters). She hasn’t talked to me since. I think I am losing my mind, i can’t eat, I feel nauseous, i can’t get an once of sleep, and I keep crying, Her mom doesn’t like me at all and she has always been trying to get her to date someone else. I don’t know what to do, i don’t know if she is lying or not, I’m so confused. Please help me. I’ll post more later.
A: Either the kid is yours or it isn’t. The first question to ask yourself is “is it impossible that it is mine?” If it could be yours, take a paternity test after the baby is born. At least then you’ll know. If she won’t cooperate, then you can ask the courts to get you a test so you can know if you get visitation rights. If it is yours she can’t stop you from seeing your kid unless you have some pretty serious problems.Also – buy yourself a journal or notebook, and write down what happens, when it happens. (Learn to use paragraphs.) That way, if there’s some argument like “You don’t care” you can point to the times you offered to go to the doctor with her or do this or that – and she said “no”.So- if the child is not yours, you have to decide what happens. Probably it was her way of proving “it’s over”.Did she cheat while you two had split up? Was he Mister Rebound for the night, or was she sneaking around behind your back? Did she really cheat at all? See if you can find and ask the other daddy – politely, without a fight, it’s not his fault. Has she even told the guy?If she doesn’t really know who’s the daddy, then when you do find out, you have to decide. She probably is pushing you away so she doesn’t get caught afterwards; you know, she doesn’t want to be playing the loving expectant couple only to have you find out after that it’s not yours. She’s trying to avoid the big let-down later.If the child is yours, if she’s making it all up – why? Is her mother poisoning her mind? “You don’t want that &^*^& loser near our precious child/grandchild”? Not much you can do except remind her how you feel.Sadly, there’s not much you can do until the child is born, except talk to her friends and find out what’s going on if you can. You told her how you feel. She’s probably all messed up with hormones, and if she did cheat on you and she now regrets it big time, then she’s even more messed up than you sound. All you can do is tell her how you feel from time to time, make sure her friends tell her what you said to them, too.I suspect she’s just scared because she doesn’t know if you’re the father. You have to think – do you love her enough to keep going if you are not the father? What really do you expect or want the two of you to do if (a) you are or (b) you are not? When would your relationship go in each case, for the next 2 years? 10 years? Would you still want to see her knowing she cheated?Good luck!
I told my mom I had sex for the first time, I thought I was pregnant. my life is spinning out of control. help?
Q: She flipped. She told me how stupid and arrogant I was. For not waiting until I was married. She told me that If I was pregnant she’s taking me right to the abortion clinic and having “it” removed immediately. Or she would throw me out and have me figure it out on my own. She said everything she possibly could. She wasn’t caring, or calm. I told her I wasn’t going to do it again for a long while. Even so I asked to go get birth control, or at least go to the gyno,( I haven’t even been there before & I’m 16!!)She told me no because she said I’m not having sex. I told her I wanted to regulate my period, but it’s also great for protection. She won’t ever talk about sex, and I go to aunt for pretty much everything because she’s calm & act’s like she loves me more then my own mother. I think i’m going to ask her to take me to planned parenthood(my aunt) and get birth control myself. I’d rather be safe than sorry; even thou’ I’m not even thinking about having sex without protection like I did my first and only time so far. But I think my mom is being very unreasonable. & I’m her only girl out of 8 boys. She doesn’t have love for me. She won’t ever talk to me about anything. I can’t even be serious when I talk to her, I always laugh. I realized, I’m not going to talk to my mom anymore about things. Nothing ever works. We fight. Constantly. She told me I was a defiant little b*tch and that I better be doing something or I’m out of here. Pretty much to say I feel like a total outcast in my family. I hurt all the time. I don’t have a job, I never go to school, I’m overweight & so my brother’s won’t ever quit about that. That’s why I don’t do anything. I’m sick and tired of everything being about me. It’s filled my brain with only the negative and I’m a lost girl. But that does have to do with why I had sex for my first time with a guy I had no interest in. I feel gross and disgusting, worthless, and I want to feel wanted by a guy..therefore I did what I did. I do drink and smoke sometimes…but I’m definately getting back into my habit. I just want to be alone & smoke or drink, not feel anything.I’m not trying to look for attention by any means. I’m just so lost, I do n’t know what to do. It’s so hard to get back on my feet and fight it. It really is. I’m hurting.
A: Oh Sweetie I feel so bad for you, I know that its hard to been a teenager sometimes but its also very hard to parent one, My son is 15 and I know that some things I overreact to… although I did give him condoms and have that whole talk with him, It might be different if it were on of my daughters, I know your mother loves you. Try writing her a letter.. I know it sounds cheesy but sometimes its alot easier to write things down then to talk about them, Give it to her when your leaving the house for school or something so you dont have to be there when she reads it. Tell her how you feel about everything.. then tell your Auntie so she can talk to your mom. I understand that its tough being a little overweight but Im sure you are gorgeous and dont worrry you will have your day to shine I promise. Believe in yourself and stay strong. Your mom will come around. Good Luck beautiful!
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