Do girls have to be on there period to get pregnant

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No, most females get pregnant in between periods. That is usually when she is ovulating. [ Source: ]
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Is it more likely to get pregnant right after a girls period or b…?
Women can get pregnant before and after their period. You can even get pregnant during your period! ChaCha again later!
Can girls get pregnant on their period?
It is extremely unlikely that a girl can get pregnant while she is on her period, but it is not impossible. Sperm can live inside the body for 3-4 days. So it is possible that she can become pregnant if she has sex while on her period. You …
How long after a period can a girl get pregnant?
Not quite correct. If a woman has a regular 28 day cycle she is likely to ovulate 14 days after the first day of her period, no matter how long the period is. She can get pregnant for 3 or 4 days either side of ovulation, that is Day 11 t…

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Can girls get pregnant while on there periods ?
Q: YES . . . It is possible that a girl can get pregnant at any time even while she’s on her menstral cycle. I will explain . When a man does a ejaculation inside of a girl , the sperm can live up to seven days inside of a girl . A period is no longer then seven days . ( ladies : if it ‘ s longer then you should really notify a doctor ) . So if you and your partner have sex while the female is on her period , by time she ‘ s off , the sperm is still neutral and able to produce . So my advice is to use condoms or be on the pill . Member that the pill is not always 1OO % && a condom is 99% . Be safe and if you can then practice ‘ abstinence ‘ . Which means no sex.
A: Nice advice. There are many questions on here about that…something else I would like to add for those who may be interested. Plan B should not be used as a form of birth control!!! I see sooo many girls on here who have taken it many times and ‘still’ go on to have unprotected sex! It’s ridiculous. If you are not responsible enough to handle the consequences of your actions DO NOT HAVE SEX!
no menstrual period and not pregnant but sudden pain GIRLS ONLY?
Q: On my period I would get cramps and something sharp pains in my vaginal area as if it is contracting done there if any one knows what i mean. Now I dont have my period but lately i havent been feeling to good I think something is wrong with my kidneys and as I walking yesterday I got this sharp severe pain in my vagina region! It hurt so bad but it doesnt hurt now. I wonder what that is, or if anyone had that before.
A: you know i put you in my contacts and everytime you get around too asking a question its always something wrong with your body. maybe you should get xrayed all over?im going to this female dr to make sure eveythings going ok down there, so you could too i guess.
What is up with all these girls asking “could I be pregnant, what does this mean?”?
Q: Okay I am going to try not to sound too offending but seriously WHAT are these girls learning. I am 19 years old and I knew how people got pregnant. I knew that pre-ejaculation got girls pregnant. I knew what a missed period ment at like age 10 (earlier actually). Are they living in fantasy land? Even if their parent’s didn’t discuss with them they have to have some idea! With everything that is on TV, the way friends talk, songs, just life in general these things are common knowledge at an early age. I have cousins that are young telling me sex jokes and terms that are new to me. There is no way these girls have NO idea about any of this. Are they living under a rock? or just think all these things are made up?That is my rant……..any opinions =PIf I offend anyone I am very sorry but seeing all these questions are putting me in shock.I fully understand if girls need reassurance or have questions. I am not trying to bash anyone for asking these questions. I just don’t understand how none of these girls know anything about it. They are having sex and I see question after question of “he pulled out before he came, can I still be pregnant?” Or “I had sex and now its been 2 weeks (or a month depending on asker) could I be pregnant?” things like that. They are having sex! I think if they are old enough to have sex then they should know how to use protection, and ways they can become pregnant.
A: I agree with you! Apparently I have figured out that they must not have health class in school anymore! And if they can’t afford to buy a pregnancy test then they sure as hell can’t support a baby. I think everyone over the age of 13 knows that if you have sex you can get pregnant and lets hope they all know, which apparently they don’t, that you must have SEX to get pregnant….. Geez…..where can we advocate for more sex ed classes in school, I am not that old and we had this starting in 7th grade, and every year after that through high school. I also think parents need to step up and educate their children as well. ( and yes I am a mother….of 6!!!!)
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