Do horses produce milk

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Mares produce milk for their young and feed them for several months.The Mare, is pregnant (or “in foal”) for 11 months. ChaCha [ Source: ]
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When does a pregnant horse start to produce milk?
The mare will start to lactate or ooze milk a few days before she delivers.
How do standardbred horses produce milk for their young??
Since Standardbred horses are mammals they produce milk for the young the way all mammals do. The hormones from pregnancy trigger the production of milk and most mares have an ample supply days and sometimes weeks before birth. The importan…
Is it possiblefor an unbreed horse to produce milk
Hi, Yes, it is possible for a mare that is not pregnant to produce milk. I have seen a few of these mares, it seems that they are often older mares, so potentially the normal hormonal balance in the older mare is shifted as they experience …

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at what stage do mares show sighns of milk?
Q: my mare has had milk for 300 days ive owend her for two years she would of had a foal probly 3 and a half years ago, can horses produce milk in early stages.
A: That’s not normal. Is she pregnant?
Does a horse ever have like a false pregnancy with milk and all??
Q: The lady where we board said her horse has milk she has thought for months she was prego but today i seen she was in im sure she is not pregnant..Does a horse ever do this with being in heat??i mean produce milk??
A: More likely that she is in false heat if she had milk and everything. I have heard and seen this before. The false pregnancy I have heard of but am not sure how common it is.Oh and I agree with black bunny. It is quite common for a mare that has foaled to continue to produce a small amount of clearish white liquid. If the owner is mistaking that for milk then the mare may never have been pregnant.
Why is my horse producing milk?
Q: We weaned a filly a while back, and so she would have company, we the filly in with my mare. Just recently, well like 20 minutes ago, I saw her nursing from my horse, i didnt know what to think, so i figured that it was a comfort thing. I did go check tho, and when i squesed my mares teats, milk came out, even though she didnt have a bag or anything. How, and Why is this happening? The filly isnt my mares, and my mare hasnt had a baby in over five years.linda m, many peple wean filles with other babies, since this wasnt possible, i put her in with my mare, who, btw, is also kept with two geldings, and i didnt know the filly would cause the mare to produce milk, and yes, the two gelidings are really gelded, my mare has been with them for four years, so if they werent, she would be pregnant by now.
A: She has probably become a surrogate with this foal. It is their natural instinct, and she will produce milk for her. Try getting her a gelding buddy. Good luck.
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