Do pregnant women pee a lot more than usual

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The need to urinate is especially noticeable in the first weeks of pregnancy, due to hormones & later when the baby is large. [ Source: ]
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Do pregnant women pee a lot more than usual
The need to urinate is especially noticeable in the first weeks of pregnancy, due to hormones & later when the baby is large.

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Based on my details could it be possible that I’m pregnant?
Q: Okay, so I have to explain a few things first so that everyone can better understand my situation. April 24th of this year I attempted to have sex for the first time. (I’m 19 by the way) For the sake of my question, I normally get my period towards the end of the month, either the last week or second to last week of each month. My cycles are pretty long, and I bleed very heavily. Anyway, earlier that that day it seemed as though my period was over. Once I stop bleeding heavily I switch to pantie liners, so everything appeared to be fine. Fast forward to that night, the entire experience was in my opinion painful, but that’s the thing, my partner didn’t actually go in far enough to break my hymen. Everyone that I’ve spoken to says that constitutes as sex regardless, but that’s really besides the point.I did have my partner at least half way inside me, unprotected, which was obviously idiotic on my part. I remember feeling some wetness on his penis. But I am completely positive that he did not cum inside of me. May comes around and it’s the end of the month, I get my period, but it comes a week earlier. I bleed my normal amount and length. So any random “What if” thoughts basically went out the door. This month (June) begins. And I start having to pee a lot, way more than usual. The constant peeing lasted for maybe a week and a half. There were a few days where I felt a little nauseous, but otherwise I was feeling fine most of this month. But now it’s the end of the month, and I have yet to get my period. And if I get it within the next few days it would overlap into July. In the ten years I’ve gotten my period I’ve never been late or somehow overlapped. Right now I’m considering myself late. Not only scares me, I’ve been feeling incredibly tired these last few days. I’ve been waking up and still feeling exhausted. Oh, and I have this gross boil thing in my butt crack, apparently my Mom got one every time she was pregnant. I started doing some research. And I’ve found that although it’s rare, a women can still be pregnant and not miss that following month. Or some women have their period through out their entire pregnancy. Also, some say that even with a hymen a women can become pregnant. Because of the whole “open door” concept. How could one have their period if the hymen was completely closed off. I didn’t know this, but “Pre cum” can also impregnate a women. It only takes one drop to get pregnant. I honestly hope I’m just being overly paranoid. But I’m going to buy a pregnancy test today. A kit with two sticks, so I can take one today and then wait a week to compare results at the end of the month. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. -Tara
A: With a full blown period I would say it is unlikely. Have you had unprotected sex since that time? Also frequent peeing and nausea can be caused by a urinary tract infection, an infection that could have occurred when you attempted to loose your virginity. It also sounds like you are really physically run down at the moment if you have a boil.I would suggest you stop speculating, it is taking up most of your thinking time. Go and get a test and I think and hope put your mind at rest.
Could I be pregnant? … I’m confused.?
Q: First of all, I am confused about when the 28 day cycle begins. For example: Do you start counting 28 days the day you get your period, or do you start counting 28days the day you finish your period?On the 29th of May (or maybe the 28th.) I got my period. (lets say we start counting 28days from the day I got my period.) so the 29th would be day one (1). On day fourteen (The 12th of June) I had unprotected sex. (with my boyfriend. First time unprotected. And obviously he came inside me.) Apparently day fourteen is when the ovulation stage occurs. And where the women is most likely able to become pregnant. It is now the 27th of June. Day 30. And I haven’t got my period, or any signs that I’m getting my period. (for example. I get really oily hair and skin and break out. Mood swings. And get bloated. As well as a craving for chocolate. None of this has happened.)I have taken two pregnancy test over the past two weeks. And both have been negative. But of course, as I read I may have taken them to early.Do you think I may be pregnant? If I count 28day from when my period finished I should be due for my period on the 30th. Which would mean my period is due two days from today. SO everything may be alright.Please Note: I have become increasingly tired and sleep a lot more in the past two weeks. My boobs are tender and saw more than usual. (they are rarely like this.) And I’ve noticed I get hot flushes and feel a bit stomach sick every now and again. (which may just be from worrying.) As well as peeing so much more than normally. (I’ve been twice while writing this!!) What does any of this mean?Also I’m seventeen years old. Still in school. (hence why I am so stressed!) Please help. You advice would be greatly appreciated!!
A: hello. Well it seems to me you are in a bit of a crisis. First of all, you start counting your period the first day you get it. Now, about the pregnancy thing, i advice you to go into the doctor’s office just for an accurate answer. The symptoms you are having can be both of a pregnant women or menstrual cycle symptoms…As i read the “Plase Note” section you wrote, it seems to me that you are pregnant, but do NOT let this stress you out even more…Like i said before, go into the doctors office…or since you are underage, try a Planned ParentHood sight. They won’t tell your guardian/parents. ADVICE:::: Try as hard as you can NOT to have sex without protection. Although they say that it might not feel the same with or without a condom, aim for a condom and IGNORE all the other thoughts. Now, if you don’t want a condom, take birth control pills. As long as you are protected, You dont have to worry. And next time you think of having unprotected sex…think back to this situation….I hope I helped. =]
Does it sound like I’m pregnant?
Q: Okay….so. Lately I have been having the urge to pee a lot. Well, more often than usual at least. Also, sometimes I feel really tired. I don’t usually get so exhausted easily, but now, when I come home I am ready to just crash. I don’t know if this is all in my head….but is seems like its real. I just started taking a few college classes, that could be part of why I’m tired, but like I said, I’m only taking a few. And heres the big part: I started my period on a Thursday, and since it’s normal for women to ovulate 14 days after they start, I’m assuming I was ovulating 2 Thursdays after I started. And I had sex that Friday night. I should probably start my period within the next 3 days, but I am feeling really anxious. What do you think??Oh and one more detail…I often feel dizzy after sitting for a couple minutes. Not the normal like, light-headedness type, like it’s difficult to walk for a little bit.
A: There’s a good chance you conceived on that Friday. Take a pregnancy test once you miss your period, and good luck.
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