Does Kourtney Kardashian have kids

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Kourtney Kardashian announced in August that she is pregnant with her first child, a boy. The baby is due in December! ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How many kids does kourtney kardashian have?
Kourtney has one child called Mason Dash Disick
Does Kourtney Kardashian have children?
Kourtney Kardashian has one son, Mason Dash Disick, born December 14, 2009. The father is on/off boyfriend Scott Disick.
When is Kourtney Kardashian getting married?
Kourtney Kardashian has not announced her engagement to anyone as of 2009.

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Did you here what happened with Kourtney Kardashian & Scott Disick?
Q: they had a kid then they broke up cuz Scott is a douche and i read on the cover of a magazine that said Scott was talking to other girls and now he’s claiming to not be the father of the child! who’s side do you take? i take Kourtney’s side
A: oh my gosh! I didn’t hear about this! I have always HATED Scott, and now this just tops it off! Why would he do that? She’s already having trouble taking care of the baby, and now she has to deal with that guy!?!? Gosh! I feel bad for her! Kourtney is also my favorite Kardashian, and i knew she shouldn’t stay with Scott! When Kourtney told Khloe she was pregnant, Khloe was really mad, and she was right about Scott all along! I really don’t like that guy.haha nice question. you got me pretty mad there 🙂
Why does my brother not look like any of my family?
Q: I am not kidding, he is WHITE, my mom is Spanish and my dad is a dark Turkish guy, but very dark cause his part Egyptian and Nigerian not much though mostly Turkish, but me and my sister are dark skin with like full lips and curly hair, were identical twins and people say we look like the kardashian sisters kim and kourtney, anyway my brother is whitee with green eyes.. when my dad is darkk skin and looks a lot like the rock, and my mom is dark skin spanish women with black curly hair and also looks a lot like kourtney kardashian and my grandma is darkk skin to. we all have dark brown eyes yet he is so different, he is just a proper white boy haha, I know his not adopted cause I was at the hospital when my mom gave birth to him and theres pictures and stuff of when he was first born, so how comes he is so different, could genes do that?It’s kinda weird cause when we were out the other day, this guy asked my dad are you Puerto Rican? and my dad said no.. and he said ohhh haha your daughters and wife and you look Hispanic but your son on the other hand doesn’t, and asked was he adopted or something [email protected] Ashera: I love my brother :)@ Raddest dude ever: No, I’m not Emily, I’m Courtney. haha.
A: Yes, it is very possible for him to be your biological brother. Both your parents could be recessive carriers of the gene for green eyes. Also it is not unusual for people with darker skin to have a child with very light skin. Be nice to your brother.
Is this possible or am I just insane?
Q: Okay so I am like a big Fan of the TV show Keeping up with the Kardashians and Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. And people always say it is funny because if you hold a pic of their sisters Kendall or Kyley I look exactly like them. And My name starts with a K just like all of the rest. My mom always says I am like them because I talk like them and I am the same age as Kendall I think. . . I am 12. I say like Vagina and Bone and Dry Hump and all that jazz just like them and I have the same voice tone like them. My mom alwyas says that she wants 2 have another kid but she never does. Im wondering if Maybe I am A Kardashian and my mom wont have another kid cuz shes afraid it will look un like me and I will find out sumthing. . . Is it possible that I am a Kardashian or am I just insane???
A: You are just insane. Your obsession and intense admiration of the Kardashians is causing you to rationalize ideas that normally wouldn’t seem plausible, even in your own psyche. Just take a step back and really think about how likely this is and how much sense this makes. Would the fact that you speak similarly to these girls, or act similarly to them, have anything to do with your relation to them? you would essentially be saying that when people are related they act the same even if they don’t live in the same environment or experience the same things socially, which is incredibly false. There is a ridiculously slim chance that you might be some forgotten off-spring of a Kardashian, but the odds of this are far beyond negligible
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