Have you ever gotten a girl pregnant

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I have 3 children ages 17, 14 and 1 so yes I have. I have also knocked up some other woman but we termed the pregnancies. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/have-you-ever-gotten-a-girl-pregnant ]
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Should I tell my parents that I might have gotten a girl pregnant?
Absolutely, your parents will always be there for you and you should trust them to be understanding. Thanks and good luck!
Can a Girl Get Pregnant When She’s Just Gotten Over Her Period??
Sometimes ovulation — the time when a girl is most likely to become pregnant — can occur within a few days of her period ending. Also, sperm can fertilize an egg for several days after ejaculation. Girls who have sex must use birth control …
Could I have gotten this girl pregnant?
Maybe she realized that there was a chance that she’s pregnant, and is freakin out because of that. I doubt that she’s sure that she’s pregnant, so talk to her ,and have her show you the pregnancy test. Maybe she’s paranoid, but it is possi…

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Has anyone here ever gotten a girl pregnant and then ran off like Forest Gump? Why did you leave?
Q: I’m not talking about how Forest impregnated Jenny, I’m talking about how Forest just ran and ran and ran, how some guys just take off and never look back after the girl gives him the news.Listen here “babylove”, when did I say I have gotten a girl pregnant and ran off?
A: my boyfriend left me, exept he said he was looking for jobs, and then after she was born he stayed away and then when my mom let him live with me again he hit my sister for a good reason but he wasnt alowed back around me. then he went to prison and I found out that he had knocked up another girl. he never broke up with me and has never told me to my face that is was over, he just left and called every now and then, I havent talked to him in over a year. I dont know what his excuse is but I dont know if I want to hear it now. I would like to know why alot of men do this to weman.
Guys have you ever Gotten a girl Pregnant while you were in love with another girl??
A: yes..of course……but they always abort
to all boys have you ever got a girl pregnant??
Q: im just curious as to how many men have left when they got someone pregnant so my questions are 1.how did u react2.did u stick around3.have you met the child4.do u regret it
A: my feelings is this if your going to get the girl pregnant the reaction should be that your happy i sure was when i first was told that she was pregnant . and yes i did stick around because if you are going to play you have to pay and by that i mean raise your family to the best of your abilty. the answer to your 3rd questuon is yes i have met my children in fact i was in the delivery room when they were born . and no i will NEVER regret it
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