How affective is the pull out method

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Of every couple who uses the withdrawal method perfectly, 4/100 get pregnant. 27/100 get pregnant when not used perfectly. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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How affective is the pull-out method?
Okay I know some people are going to try and disagree with me but this is the absolute truth, I just spoke to the author of Teens and Sex, (who is my human sexuality teacher) and she is also a doctor. She said that when used correctly no mo…
Does alcohol affect a guys judgement using the pull out method th…?
Pull out method doesn’t work, hun. Precum has tons of sperm in it. And yes, alcohol delays judgment.
Does the pull out method work?
Not all the time. Pre cum is more potent than the real thing. Most of the time you don’t know when the pre cum is happening. ANSWER Pulling out is better than nothing. It has a high failure rate, but it is not worse than the real semen. I c…

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How affective is the pull out method?
Q: We did this during ovulation…yikes…on Sat nightWhen would i know? i had pink spots in my undies yesterday, btw it’s just wierdthanks alot !
A: As effective as standing in the middle of the road and hoping not to get run down.
How affective is the pull-out method?
A: its not, more like Russian roulette
Whats the possibility of pregnancy if I used the pull out method ?
Q: I have never used the pull out method before so this is all new to me, Last Thursday night my man and i used the pull out method. He had already started to ejaculate inside me as he was pulling out. Thursday i started to ovulate (day 14) what are my chances of pregnancy or how affective is this method of birth control ? any suggestions or comments are very helpful, thank you .
A: You had sperm in you and you started to ovulate, and as sperm can live for a few days….I would say there is a good chance you will become pregnant.The pull out method shouldn’t even be considered birth control, because pre-ejaculate contains sperm…Please use a condom and regular birth control if you don’t want to have a baby.
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