How can you make pregnant women go into labor

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You might be able to make an women go into labor if she eats a really spicy meal. Some people swear castor oil works for labor. [ Source: ]
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How can you make pregnant women go into labor
You might be able to make an women go into labor if she eats a really spicy meal. Some people swear castor oil works for labor.

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Can you really go into labor having never known you were pregnant!?
Q: I am always astonished to read stories like the latest one that I just saw on Yahoo News:Jan. 7, 2009PORT DE GRAVE, N.L. – When Juanita Stead complained of shooting pains in her lower back on New Year’s Eve, she thought she was passing a kidney stone.Instead, she was giving birth to a baby boy.The eastern Newfoundland woman says she didn’t realize she was pregnant until she was rushed to Carbonear General Hospital that night and an X-ray didn’t turn up any kidney stones.”When I went back to emerg, the doctor was waiting for me and he said, ‘It’s no kidney stone.’ He said, ‘You’ve got a baby ready to be born,’ ” said the 36-year-old Stead.”I said, ‘No, that can’t happen’ . . . I told him he had the wrong X-ray file.”Six minutes later, seven-pound, 12-ounce Nicholas was born breech at 12:31 a.m. local time on New Year’s Day, making him among the first babies born in Canada for 2009.This isn’t the first time a pregnancy caught the Steads off-guard.Two-year-old Cameron was born six weeks premature in July 2006 in their home bathroom, weighing three pounds and 11 ounces. His birth was marred by complications and last September he underwent a bowel, liver and pancreas transplant at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto.But the toddler now appears as rambunctious as any his age, running around inside the house and playing with his toys.Nicholas is faring well also, sleeping and eating regularly despite growing attention from families, friends and the public, his mother said.”Two little miracles meant to be.”Friends and family have provided them with toys and clothing for the new baby, because they discarded Cameron’s old belongings months before Nicholas’s birth, she said. can a person go 9 months without even suspecting – even if they did get their period, wouldn’t they feel something?
A: If i didnt know somebody who had gone through it i would say ”impossible”. My best friend used to feel sick alot on the mornings when we used to catch the bus to work. I went with her to the walk in and the pregnancy test she took their was negative. So we thought absolutely nothing of it for ages. We went out drinking as usual although i had noticed she had put on a bit of weight, we did everything we normally did and then one day she was complaining of cramps and gas and that she was constipated. The next day she wa stuck in the toilet for a hour at work in tears with diarreah!!I convinced her to go to the Dr’s and tell them about her latest ‘illnesses’…She went and she said within 5 minutes of been there he said your pregnant. 8 1/2 months to be exact. She was soo shocked and felt so unprepared! The next week she was in labour. It was crazy!!The reason she hadnt felt alot of movement was because the placenta was at the front of her stomach so she couldnt feel kicks, she didnt get a huge bump because the baby was laying spine to spine or something…If i hadnt of convinced her to visit her GP then she would have probably gone into labour not knowing she was pregnant.Me on the other hand…there was no way i would have gone 9 months and not known!! I was huuge LOL!
38 weeks 3 days pregnant, 2cm dilated, in the military and cant wait to have her, any advice?
Q: Hey all! So yeah you can already tell by my question what its about. I’m in the army and cant wait to have my and my husbands little girl. I really wish I could go into labor like…now lol but oh well. Any advice on how to make the last week or so go a bit faster? Also, any other pregnant military women on here? My husband is in the military too.
A: Sex, walking and spicy food. Good luck!
I didn’t know I was pregnant?
Q: Have you seen this show on TLC? What do you think about it? My husband and I watch it alot and we usually just laugh cause sometimes it’s hilarious when they show these women who have absolutely no clue that they were pregnant go into labor in such strange places. I’ve seen a few episodes that seem legit like a woman had MS and her half side of her body was numb so she couldn’t feel the baby but there are a lot of other times that my hubby and I think the woman is just telling a good story and was actually in denial but she did know. What do you think about this show??I do/did NOT have periods before finding out I was pregnant which was a miracle after doctors told me I couldn’t get pregnant without IVF. I have a progesterone deficiency disorder. I can see not knowing your pregnant by not having a missed period as a signal but that didn’t keep me from discovering it around 4.5 weeks! I had sore nipples and mood swings that made me decide I better test to make sure. Well, at 24 approaching 25 weeks I have TONS of symoptoms.. In my first trimester I WAS SICK, puking, smells bothered me ugh! In my second my belly has swollen up like I literally swallowed a basketball, I feel definite baby movement, my breasts are humongous and leak, I’ve gained 20+ lbs. Even if I doubted I was pregnant my body has made it very clear enough to take a test.Hmmmmm…. This show is interesting. I just dont get how you could REALLY not know you were pregnant.Yes I did see the campground episode and I too was like WTF when the baby fell out and hit its head on a cement floor. This was just ridiculous!
A: A co-worker of mine did not know she was pregnant until she was in her bathroom having her baby. This was 3 years ago. She had her period the whole time, only gained 10 pounds (and she did not grow a bump, the weight was everywhere so no one could even tell as well). She did not have morning sickness, her boobs did not hurt etc…Anyways, the doctors said that the reason why she did not feel the baby was the position of her cervix and placenta. Basically, it was backwards so the baby was not kicking into her belly, it more towards her back so there was no way she was going to feel those kicks.She was surprised to say the least, and felt horrible because she had a few drinks during her pregnancy but her son is adorable, healthy and happy. She loves him and realizes that she wishes she would have known she was pregnant but she loves being a mom.It can happen, but yes I agree…I think some of those women are in denial.
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