How can you tell your pregnant right away

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The only way to tell if you are pregnant before your missed period is to take a home pregnancy test or get a blood test from a Dr. [ Source: ]
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How can you tell your pregnant right away?
can you take a pregnancy test 9 days before your missed period and get the right answer? will it tell me if im pregnant
Pulled out right away. am i pregnant?
i went threw the same thing.. my period came two weeks late, so if yours ends up doing the same then dont stress! i noticed i started peeing more lately too when i was getting my period, but i thought it was cause i was pregnant. however do…
Why do some women get pregnant right away?
Depends on their body, some may be more fertile than other women, and how often they have intercourse, also can depend on the mans sperm count.

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Can you tell right away if your pregnant?
Q: How do u feel? can u feel it after a week of intercourse?
A: Well; no. Most women don’t really find out if they’re pregnant until they go to a doctor or when they don’t get their period when they’re supposed to.You just have to wait.
Can you use pregnancy tests on dogs and if you cant how can you find out if your dog is pregnant right away ?
Q: Well we have a full grown pom and I desperatly need to know how to find out if she is pregnant. We are going to go on a cruise right about the time she would give birth according to when she mated. We are pretty sure that she is pregnant, but I really want to make sure. We were told that you cant find out if a dog is pregnant until after 27 days. Does anyone know how I could figure out if she is pregnant right away without taking her to the vet. She doesnt seem to be getting any bigger, so im wondering.It has only been about a week and a half though. Hurry serious answers only please.
A: Taking her to the vet is really the only thing you could do. A pregnancy test won’t work……………….!!
How far along were you when you told your family you were pregnant?
Q: I don’t want to announce my pregnancy until I am “safe” at about 3 months. My husband wants to tell everyone right away because we have been wanting a baby so long he can’t keep it in. I am just worried about telling everyone and then possibly miscarrying. I don’t want to tell my friends or co-workers until I am about 4 months pregnant. A woman at my work announced her pregnancy and lost it at 6 weeks, she was so upset when people asked about the baby. My friend announced her pregnancy at 5 weeks and the same thing happened to her.When should you tell your family?When should you tell your friends?When should you tell your boss/co-worker?What do you think?
A: I told everyone right away when I found out (about 5 weeks) but that was a big mistake! I miscarried a week later. Now that we are trying again I will tell my parents right away but I will hold off telling the whole family and friends until I am at least 3 months.
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