How do i tell my mom i am pregnant

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Tell your family, and if they react in a negative way, remind them of what the alternative choice to actually having the baby is. [ Source: ]
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Just sit her down you and her and spit it out. It’s all done, so there is no going back. She will realize this and hopefully she will support you.
Ok sweetheart, I am a mom of 7 and I have a 19 year old daughter. Last week my daughter thought she may be pregnant. She was super afraid to tell me about it. She called me on the phone. That was fine, as she was able to control her emotion…
Well, its a hard thing to do, but think about how you only have go through telling your mom that you are pregnant once, sooo I would sit her down and just tell her, without beating around the bush… be straight forward, and apologize if yo…

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I am 14…How do i tell mom i am pregnant & i had sex?HELP ME PLEZ?
Q: Ok i am 14 and i think i am pregnant. So how do i tell my mom that i had sex and i think i am pregnant? Can someone help me?PLEZ
A: Ok well i do agree with the other guy you are too young but hey nowadays theres alot of problems like this so im going to help you.ONE:you said you THINK your pregnant right??…Well I THINK when you go out to a store buy one of those take home a pregnancy test(There should be instructions on how to use the test thing.)TWO:If your results say you are pregnant don’t immediatley overreact.Just tell your mom when you 2 are alone. Sit her down and talk to her WITHOUT YOUR DAD! He will be sure to kill you lol…besides you should let your mom talk to your dad after you tell her she probably has more of a chance of reasoning with him than with you reasoning with him. Next,wait for your mom to tell him (make sure SHE tells him!!!and he has calmed down a bit)..then sit them down and have a talk with them talking about how you know what you did was wrong,accidents happen,begging them to forgive you,and more importantly what you plan on doing with the baby either raising it yourself,putting it up for adoption whatever you want.NOW REMEMBER: EVEN THOUGH its going to be nervewrecking to tell parents you have to do it. They are going to be mad but you must tell them..if you tell them they will know that you are taking responsibility for your actions they will see that you are growing up and knows what is wrong and right and how bad you feel and how well it might make them think differently about the whole situation they will see you are not hiding it like an idiot which you shouldnt!REMEMBER only tell them if you really are pregnant dont worry talking to them if you are not.But if you are TELL THEM TELL THEM TELL THEM!!!!!…JUST FOLLOW MY DIRECTIONS ABOVE.I AM SOO SORRY I HOPE EVERYTHING WORKS OUT!
How to tell my mom I am pregnant?
Q: I am 19 and dont live at home, my parents do pay my rent tho. I live in another state and am in school right now. I may be pregnant (too early to test still). I have been with the guy for over a year and they love him, and I know it is his.What would be the best way to tell my mom? We are close and talk about almost anything, but what do I say. I wont say anything until I know FOR SURE. But any tips?
A: You should come up to you’re mom with you’re boyfriend, and tell her you’re pregnant with his baby. She might be mad, but remind her at least you’re not 16, and you’re mature enough. Congratulations!
How do I tell my mom I am pregnant?
Q: I am 18 years old. I’m not 100% sure yet if I am pregnant, but I am almost positive that I am. I am going to test tomorrow and I was just wondering how I should tell my mom if I am? She is the type of mom that sees the worst in everything and loves to fuss at people when she thinks they’ve done something wrong. I want to tell her and get somewhat of an ok answer instead of a completely bad reaction. Help?!
A: Hand her the baby.
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