How may days after your period can you get pregnant

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Ovulation starts about 5-7 days after the end of your period. It’s rare to get pregnant sooner, but it can happen. ChaCha!! [ Source: ]
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Can I Get Pregnant If It Was On The 13th Day After May Period End…?
The fertile days in a normal 28 day cycle are days 11-18, so you’ve had sex within this time and are at risk of pregnancy. However if you did the test at a week late and you did it correctly, the result is probably true. If your period stil…

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When & How to do sex to get pregnant after first day of my period?
Q: Hi All, Recently I got a comment from one of our yahoo user like this-> And incidently, 8 days after your period you are probably not fertile, so chances are slim that you’re even pregnant.We usually try to do sex on 8th-10th day after my 1st period date during each of my period cycles, thinking that I will be more fertile during these days and chances of getting pregnant is more. But the above comment confused me. Last time my period started on 10th Oct, and we had sex on 18th Oct. Our whole intercourse went fine, after 15-20 mins I had my orgasm, and then my hubby cummed in me. We were quiet happy with the whole thing, and we were expecting I may get pregnant this time. But the above comment put me in trouble to rethink upon the timing of our sex. Can you please help me to clear my doubts like…1. When to do sex to get pregnant after first day of my period ?2. When I may be more fertile after first day of my period ?3. How to do sex to get pregnant? I described our intercourse process above, is that ok to get pregnant?Thank you very much for all your kind support.Dona
A: Have sex from day 10-20, or if you know ovulation day then 5 days in advance and 1 day after. Normally ovulation is 14th day for 28 day cycle which is 14 day counting back from next due period.As long as the semen goes inside you type, duration or pose of sex should be no problem.Doc says do it every other day instead of everyday and lie down for 15 minutes will help.Baby dust!
Who took an early HPT, had a negative, then was pregnant?
Q: I ignored my own advice and took a First Response test 4 days before my period is due- it was a negative. I know, I know, I simply may not have enough hormones to be detected yet. Just would feel better if I heard some other women had early negatives and then positives days later! I tested on Friday, plan to retest Monday or so- period’s due Tues. (I have one ‘early’ tests left, as well as on you can do the day of your missed period or after). So, who got a negative early when it was really a positive? How soon after did you get the positive with a home test? REALLY hoping to be pregnant here! Having mild heartburn (which I NEVER have except during pregnancy) and some really funky, ridiculous dreams all of the sudden- fingers crossed!
A: Accuracy increases as you get further along in the pregnancy. You may have taken the test too early for the hormone changes to register on the test, in which case you would have a false negative.Sounds like you really want to be pregnant, I wish you good luck, but try not to get too stressed out with high expectations.Remember the secret to getting pregnant is practice, practice, practice 😉
How long after having sex do you take a pregnancy test?
Q: Hi,I had sex a few days ago, and I feel I may be at risk of getting pregnant, how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test? I read online that you can take one the day of your missed period (but it’s recommended to wait a week), but my periods have been really irregular lately. When they are regular they start at the end of the month, but it hasn’t started yet. So how long should you wait after actually having sex?Thanks!
A: if you have irregular periods try testing 14-20 days after you think you may have concived and then test again a couple days later if you are not satisfied with the result.
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