How should i tell my boyfriend i think i’m pregnant without freaking him out

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You should definitely tell your boyfriend you are pregnant. Try calmly explaining it to him, and assuring him that you love him. ChaCha on and good luck! [ Source: ]
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How should i tell my boyfriend i think i’m pregnant without freak…?’m-pregnant-without-freaking-him-out
You should definitely tell your boyfriend you are pregnant. Try calmly explaining it to him, and assuring him that you love him. ChaCha on and good luck!

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my boyfriend should i let him go?
Q: i have been with my boyfriend for tha past year and a half and were madly in love with each other. i started seeing him when i was about 17 years old and he just turned 19. I never told anyone in my family about him except fo my lil sister and my cousin’s. My parents wants me to focus on ma education and i know they wouldn’t accept him because he doesnt have much. he got kick out of HS when he was 17 and never got his diploma , dat still didnt keep me from loving him because he was the only person who actually listen to me he gave me strength to do what i want to do my parents are very protective so i couldnt do anything. I lost my virginity to him on da day of his birthday i nver planned it or anything it just happened.( it hurt like hell he wanted to stop but i told him keep going). about 3 weeks later we broke up he got back with his ex and i was pissed off but i neveer stopped loving him. 3 months later we got back together he told me he made a mistake and i met his mom pretty much everyone close to him .His family loves me because im not like his ex. I love his family they are honest and close. he always wanted to meet my parents but i told him no not yet im not ready. He ask me if i was ashamed of him i was shocked and told him no and im not even though he’s not what my parents pictured. i’m crazy fo him. him and i weve always had unprotected sex because it felt better well around 2 weeks before thanksgiving i found out that im pregnant im shocked and freaking out thinking wat da hell im gonna do. he’s happy about it he wants to marry me but im going to wake forest university. im happy to but more scared b/c my parents are gonna kill me im gonna graduate , we have no money he doesnt have a job and cant find one. He told his family they are very exicted. 5 weeks into my pregnancy i told him i wanna get an abortion because we cant afford it what da hell are we gonna do. hes pissed off and he wants to keep it i freaked out and decide to get an abortion anyway he is pissed of out his mind when he finds out. i was gonna tell him but i didn’t want to right now b/c he’s going through a tough time . he tells me doesn’t wanna be wit me anymore he cant trust me. im scared of loosing him so that night we talked it out and i he told he me he cant live without me but he cnt forgive me it will take some time. Im ok wit dat so a month later i let him meet my older brother and his family and they got along pretty well. Im thinking dats great. 2 weeks later after meeting my brother he tells me dat he wants to go on vacation to go visit he’s cousin im thinking dats a bad idea b/c he has an interview da same week he told me he will be back on time. Me feeling horrible for getting da abortion i decide i wanna give him a baby even though were not ready were gonna have one. well he decide to go visit his (fake) cousin i think. he never came back when he was suppose to and its been a week since he got there he never calls me im freaking out thinking something bad happened to him because dis guy is always on time. well i finally got his FAKE cousin phone # i think and i call a girl pick up thinking its his cousin im polite and ask to speak to him. Im pissed off and out of nowhere he tells me dat he doesn’t wanna be together no more dats he’s girl im shocked thinking dis is a joke. he hung up and i decide to call him again dis time she picks up again and start cussing at me and she let me talk to him. i told him im pregnant and dat i hate him im gonna get an abortion ( which i would never do because i love him and our child). he got pissed off and hang up. well i text him and i ask him how da hell could he do dis to us, why he try to get me pregnant , he an ass i wish that he wasnt da father i said some horrible things because i was pissed off at him. well he finally talk to me all he said is dat he wants be there for da baby. i told him of course. im still in love wit him and i dnt know if he still love me he gets mad everytime i say dat im moving on and i bring up my ex who still talk to me and whos basically everything my parents would love. He even called me a whoe and told me he doesn’t wanna talk to me. i ask him why da hell is he upset were not together anymore. he doesnt answer. I ask him if he still love me he doesnt answer. i ask him wat about her he doesnt answer. i told him that if he really wants me to leave him alone just tell me dat u dnt love me anymore. he won’t say it. i dnt know what da hell his problem is. we are madly in love wit each other i dnt true love doesn’t die in a month. I wanna be wit him but wat he did hurt me really badly. i dont know what to do. i wanna know should i move on . if dis guy still love me.
A: If you’re asking..then you’ve doubts..if you’ve doubts..
i lost my virginity last night but why am I so freaked out?
Q: i lost my virginity last night but I’m freaked out because I didn’t lose it how i wanted to…I wanted to lose my virginity to my boyfriend but instead i lost it to a guy i met yesterday… I’m really confused right now and i don’t know what to do because I’m stressing over it because i feel that I made a huge mistake I mean i jist met him. The guy didn’t know that i was a virgin either so it hurted alot… and i don’t know what to tell my boyfriend because he still thinks I’m a virgin and i know i have to tell him eventually. I’m also scared we used protection but I might have caught something or I might be pregnant because from what I’ve heard protection doesn’t always work. I want to get on birth control but i could never tell my father how i lost my virginity and to who… what should i do about my boyfriend, how can i get over what I’ve done, and how can i get birth control without my father knowing?
A: i’m sorry to hear about this. you know, i ended up losing my virginity to someone i didn’t plan to, in a way i didn’t plan to, and i was equally freaked out the next day. stuff happens… try not to be entirely too hard on yourself, okay? as far as concern over pregnancy, diseases, and birth control look for the planned parenthood facility in your area. they will NOT tell your parents, unless your state has some law that they have to. its too soon to test for pregnancy or diseases, but honestly, chances are you are okay. now, thats not always the case. i know a girl who used a condom and got HPV her first time. just take a few deep breaths, forgive yourself and go to planned far as telling your boyfriend, i’m sorry i don’t have any answers for you in that regards…. you’ll have to look within for the right way to tell him, but you are right that you need to let him know.hey, feel free to email me if you need any more advice or just need someone to vent to, k? i’m here to listen.. and i’ll be online all day because i’m at work until ten thirty this evening, and its only 10:50 am.
16 and pregnant! I need some advice on telling them!!?
Q: hey I’m 16 and pregnant! i know WOW way too young, well the Condom broke but i didnt think i would be pregnant right off the bat since yo hear people has sex all the time without them and they don’t get pregnant all so easy sometimes so i didnt freak when it broke, well I got Implant bleeding and My cycle never came!!! and I took a test and it came out a BIG fat postive.I think My MOM will freak more than my dad and I wanna tell my dad so bad first but i know my mom would be hurt by that too so i cant.My Mom is My fear But I am not worried about them trying to make me get rid of my baby cause my mother always told me If i were to get pregnant I could keep my baby well she dosent know I’m not a VIRGIN so thats My Biggest issue, my boyfriend Is all Calm and is gonna be with me when i tell my parent’s and me and My boyfriend have been together 9months and My parent;s LOVE HIM so im worried they wont so much but My Bigest Issue and Help I need isHow should I break the news to themI’m just trying to The right thing and tell My mom and dad Cause I need to start going to the Doctors!Also My Mom and My grandma and my boyfriends Mother would NOT let me abort or put up a baby for adoption, Why should I run away and be selfish???? I am young and I have faith in me and My baby! i know i’ll it’ll work out!
A: if you plan on keeping the baby i would just tell her. i know its scary but i had to do it myself and it wasnt as bad as i though. she going to figure it out sooner or later so just do it. good luck
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