If I’m pregnant and scared about labor what do I do

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The best thing to do is take some childbirth classes to get prepared for labor. Make a birth plan to help you calm down. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27m-pregnant-and-scared-about-labor-what-do-i-do ]
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Are you in a second or subsequent pregnancy and getting scared of…?
yes i am. with my first baby i dont think that i was this nervous but now i am. i have been having contractions and im 28 weeks. my baby is healthy she just wants out. so i’ve been trying to relax and not get too stressed out but i have t…

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Mom is pregnant -scared she will miscarriage?
Q: My mother has just turned 40 and is now pregnant for the third time in her life. The first was me when she was 21. I was a pre not because of complications but because of an error by the hospital. She had a c-section. She got pregnant again about two years ago and had a miscarriage. They had put her on medication for her overactive thyroid and her stomach grew so fast they thought she would have twins. A few weeks later she went into premature labor. Now she is pregnant again and just rushed over to the hospital after she started bleeding a bit. They say it is normal and they are taking hormone tests to check things out, but I am still so scared. I think this is great but am worried if my sep-father or mother could handle losing another baby. Can anyone give me advice? Like what to watch out for or to redflag? Anything someone would recommend she do or not do? I’m so nervous. I really want this for her but afraid at the same time that she will get her heart broken again.
A: I am so sorry to hear your mother is going through this. Bleeding does not always mean miscarriage. Many women do bleed and go on to have viable pregnancies. I bled heavily at both 12 and 17 weeks and pretty much spotted the rest of the time during the second trimester and my son was fine. Of course bleeding could mean miscarriage but bleeding can also be caused by an internal exam, transvaginal ultrasound, sex or even bowel movement. Later in pregnancy bleeding can signal things like placenta previa. Bleeding by itself does not necessarily mean miscarriage. She ought to keep in mind that sometimes when women bleed their hcg levels will drop temporarily as well so a slowing or drop in hcg numbers does not always mean the worst. I look forward to hearing an update and hope that all is well.
Pregnant, scared and confused?
Q: I’m very worried for the health of my baby. I went into labour last night, but due to major issues was not sure if it was to early. Thankfully the doc was able to stop it, but was wondering if anyone had ever heard of a story like mine before? On Dec.3/07 I took a positive pregnancy test, to confirm that we were expecting (so concieved on about the 10th-12th of November) On Dec. 6 I was hospitalized due to bleeding, and was told I was probably miscarrying. In the three weeks leading up to christmas my HCG levels dropped, but never bottomed out, and on Dec. 24 I had an U/S that they found what was believed to be a cyst in my uterus, but no baby. I was booked for surgery but did not feel comfortable with the doctor so I saught a second opinion in early february, and was told I was once again, preggers. (WOOHOO) I was booked for an ultrasound, and it was confirmed, but they found NO CYST, only one healthy baby, who they dated at about 9 weeks gestation. cont’d in additional infoSo my new due date was Sept 18, a difference of 30 days. I have read up on Vanishing Twin Syndrome, and think this may be what happened, it would also make sense that I would be in labor now, as I would have been 38 weeks instead of 32.5 that they currently have me placed at.Forgot one thing, to be due the week they think I am I would have had to concieve while stilll bleeding from, the “misscarriage”, and we didnt get up to any hanky panky on strict orders from doc.
A: Hi, what a story. No wonder your worried and scared. I’m glad u went n got a second opinion. Theres every chance that ur baby will be born healthy though u havn’t reached ur due date. The survival rate of babies being born after 27 weeks is quite high with the modern technology there is now a days providing you’ve being taking care of yourself like you should while being pregnant. Good luck n hope it all goes well;-)
24 weeks pregnant and feeling more and more anxious/scared about labour/birth?
Q: Around a week ago I went to the birthing section of the hospital i’ll be giving birth in. I could hear the screams of a lady that was giving birth. 5 minutes later I could hear the baby crying.. Everyone has told me that pushing the baby out hurts less than the contractions (i’m starting to doubt that).. I just can’t get this woman’s screams out of my head.. then another woman was brought in on a stretcher moaning in pain.. thankfully I left before I could hear anything else lolAs the weeks go by i’m getting more and more scared about giving birth.. I don’t really have any females I can talk to about this.. a million things are running through my head.. what if I don’t have enough time for an epidural (yes I want one) what if I tear badly (i’ve heard some horror stories on here about infections afterwards etc).. so many what ifs.. does anyone have any advice they can offer? i’m sorry this isn’t really a straight forward question.. I am just very very nervous!
A: I totally know what you are feeling as I had the same fears during my pregnancy. To be honest with you it only gets worse the closer you get to the big day. LOL Labor is VERY painful but TOTALLY worth the pain. I did get relief from pushing it almost felt good because I knew I was making progress and getting THAT much closer to having my little girl. The key is to breathe and listen to your Dr. and nurses. Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy!! You will forget all the pain you just went through the moment you look into that beautiful baby’s eyes and you will feel so accomplished that you just did something that just moments before you were screaming you couldn’t do. Good luck my prayers are with you and your baby.
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