If I’ve had my period am I pregnant

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If you have your period it is very unlikely that you are pregnant! Consult a DR if you are worried! ChaCha oN! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-i%27ve-had-my-period-am-i-pregnant ]
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Am i Pregnant? Does this mean i’ve had my period now or not??
Ok. Time for some sexual education. First of all, like someone else mentioned, if you think you’re preggo DONT HAVE SEX AGAIN. Second, the first time you had sex, did you have a hymen? Because the bleeding might be due to that. It could …
Could I be pregnant even though I’ve had my period?
there’s no way you could be that far along.you had your period.that means the lining is being shed thus no chance at pregnancy.some people do bleed while they are pregnant but the blood comes from outside the uterus not inside like your per…
Could I still be pregnant if I’ve had my period?
Your not pregnant. It is very rare to have your period if you are pregnant. Sorry. Good luck and keep trying (unless of course you are a teenager)

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Am I pregnant? (I’ve had “periods” but I’m getting stomach weight gain just a little)?
Q: End of August begining of September. I had intercourse. I never can tell when I am overlating. Then, the next day I felt like I was overlating. Then 3-5 days later I had some blood like a period. (around this time, I had been feeling like I was going to throw up. However I was also under a lot of stress.) The pregnancy test came out negative.Other than it looking like I have gained some weight in my stomach. I have no pregnancy symptoms. Other than headaches. At a certain time at night, I get real hot temperature wise. I have heard woman say that they still had a period the first five months or more of pregnancy. I have had what I thought were my periods. Now, it has been 29 days and I am still waiting for my period. I am starting to wonder if I did not get pregnant. I know I must sound like a hypercondract. However, is there a chance I could be pregnant?Has anyone ever heard of this happening like this before and that it turned out they were pregnant?Thoughts?I took the pregnancy test about less than a week after.
A: I would try another pregnancy test to be on the safe side…I had a period for the first 3 months of my pregnancy, so I did not know I was pregnant..and I did not pop out until I was 6 months. I did find out though on 3rd month when I went in for feeling sick to my stomach and such and the doctors ran the pregnancy test and said I was pregnant…I said I AM?!?!?!Best thing ever :)Perhaps it is just hormonal changes in you since you took a pregnancy test and it came out negative.However you may have taken it too soon as well, try another test…Good luck
Can my period stop if I am pregnant and if I’ve only had my period for about a day?
Q: Okay, this is what happened. This was the week I was not supposed to wear the patch so I didn’t wear it. I have been taking the birth control just like I should be, no mistakes. My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex the day before my period started (we both completely forgot I didn’t have a patch on) and I was scared the next day because my period was extremely light. We went to the PPH and I took Plan B. I still bled pretty light but it was there. Today when I woke up I noticed that I didn’t bleed at all…what’s going on?
A: You did not have the patch on, but you took the pill, and then you took the morning after pill, I think you are fine, you have those hormones in your body from both pills, so you should be ok, both pills prevent pregnancy, and the bleeding is your body getting used to not having the hormones from the patch going into your body.You took every precaution, so you are fine, do not worry, you are smart, you went the next day for Plan B, you are responsible!!!!
Am I pregnant? I should’ve gotten period last week?
Q: I had unprotected sex on New Year’s Eve (Dec. 31) and I was supposed to get my period last week. It has now been 2 weeks since I’ve had sex. The other day I experienced nausea and vomiting. When can I take a pregnancy test? Is it too soon to go to the doctor’s? I need to know if I’m pregnant or not!Isn’t it too soon to be experiencing nausea and vomiting though? I had sex only 2 weeks ago…
A: You very well could be pregnant. Sounds like when you had sex you could have been ovulating. I don’t know if it’s something you want or don’t want! But also, if you are stressed out your period may not come like it’s supposed to. Best thing to do it go to a doctor and find out, but you could also take a home pregnancy test. Just be sure not to drink or do anything you shouldn’t just in case you are pregnant. i would take a test now and another test in a couple of weeks if my period still didn’t come. Better safe than sorry. Also if you are having breast tenderness and stomach cramps but still no period, those are more signs that you could be pregnant. They don’t happen for everyone but that’s what I felt when I got pregnant. Good luck, I hope you figure it out and it’s the answer you are looking for!
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