What if your on birth control and think you’re pregnant

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If you think you are pregnant, you can buy an early pregnancy test to see if you really are. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-if-your-on-birth-control-and-think-you%27re-pregnant ]
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What happens if you take oral birth control while you’re pregnant…?
Relax, but stop taking the pills if you suspect you are pregnant. It will most likely not effect the baby’s development. One of my best friends was on the pill when she concieved and didn’t know until she was 7 weeks along or so. She now ha…
Is it safe to take birth control pills if you think you’re pregna…?
NO! you need to contact you doctor or go to the hospital to get a test done you could be hurting your baby and taking the pill will not cause you to miscarry if you are pregnant

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What is your opinion on birth-control? Do you think it’s right?
Q: I’m doing a project on birth control. I need some honest opinions on if you’re for birth control or not. Some people think that it has ruined some religions by giving women the choice to conceive or not. They also think that it is giving women idea about having sex before marriage with random people and just for pleasure, because they don’t have to be concerned about becoming pregnant. ?opinions?
A: I think it’s better to be on birth control than have babies born and abandoned because they are not wanted.
what happens if you’re on birth control and…?
Q: and you get pregnant. and since your on birth control and don’t expect your period so you don’t think you’re pregnant. what happens?i’m not pregnant, i’m thinking about going on bc but i thought about this question.
A: I am going to assume you are talking about using birth control pills also known as oral contraceptives. When used as directed, birth control pills are 94-99% effective. What this means is that if 100 women take birth control pills exactly as directed for 1 year that 1-6 of those women will still get pregnant. So, while they are quite effective, they aren’t 100% effective, no form of birth control is, except for abstinence. If a woman does conceive unknowingly while taking birth control pills, it will not harm the baby. There is no link between normal use of birth control pills while unknowingly pregnant and birth defects or abnormalities. A woman who gets pregnant while taking birth control pills may or may not have period-like bleeding. I conceived our 4th baby quite unexpectedly when I was reliably taking birth control pills for 11 years. I didn’t find out I was pregnant until I was at my doctor for my yearly physical where my doctor discovered the pregnancy during my internal exam. I had been having what seemed like normal periods so I had to have an ultrasound to determine gestation. We were all shocked to find out I was 17 weeks along. I had taken a birth control pill every day of that pregnancy up to that point. I was worried about what I had done to my baby, but my doctor assured me that my baby would be fine. I did, of course, stop taking my pills that day and didn’t have any further period-like bleeding. My baby was born just fine and is now a perfectly healthy and happy 11 year old. Some women do have unusual periods or missed periods when they get pregnant on birth control pills, but some women, like me, continue to have what seems like normal periods.
Mommies who got pregnant on the pill…?
Q: What pill were you on? How long were you on it? Do you think you did anything different the time you got pregnant? I’ve read that if you get pregnant on birth control you have a better chance of having multiples. Did this happen to anyone? I’ve also heard that if you keep taking the pill and you’re pregnant your child could have birth defects, did this happen to you?Any and all info is greatly appreciated.Thanks!
A: My 9 year old son and my 17 month old son were both conceived while I was on the pill. I was on Loestrin when I got pregnant with my 17 month old and had been on it over a year. I got the flu and the doctor put me on Tanaflu and obviously even though it is not an antibiotic it still made my pills useless. I don’t remember what pill I was on with my 9 year old but I missed 3 pills and ended up pregnant. I have never heard of being on the pill increasing your chances of multiples. My children were born perfectly healthy. I currently have a Mirena IUD and I am 18 weeks pregnant! My IUD can not be removed so I am considered a high risk pregnancy and studies show you only have a 1% increase of having a baby with a birth defect if the IUD is left in place. Also 3 to 5% of all babies born have some kind of anomaly.
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