If you are pregnant how long do you bleed for

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Vaginal bleeding can occur frequently in the first trimester of pregnancy and may not be a sign of problems. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-pregnant-how-long-do-you-bleed-for ]
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When pregnant how long do you bleed?
Ur not suppose to bleed when ur pregnant. If u do that means ti’s something wrong and that u need to be checked out asap. Now after u have that baby that’s a different story. After u give birth and the cord comes out that’s when u start to …
How long do you bleed for after sex when pregnant?
You don’t bleed after sex while you’re pregnant. It’s just the same as normal. If you mean implantation bleeding, a sign that you’re pregnant, it happens about 10 days after sex and it is just some spotting really
What are some signs of a pregnant pug? How long do they bleed aft…?
my dog is producing milk, gone off her food and has started to make a nest is she pregnant or is it a phantom pregnancy how can i tell the difference

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If you are bleeding when pregnant how long is it suppose to bleed for?
Q: Ok, Im new here so yeah. I found out Im pregnant and Im bleeding. Is it normal? I have morning sickness and back pain but Im not sure if Im pregnant or not. I need help and advice. I first test myself like 5 days after. Do I need to test it again, just to make sure?! Well I need all the advice I can have. So please help me!! Thanks for everyone who leaves an answer and advice!
A: Bleeding is possible in the early stages of pregnancy. I would call your doctor, If you are 6 weeks or later they could do an ultrasound. Taking an at home pregnancy test after you have had a positive test will not work. I had a ectopic pregnancy 6 weeks ago and my HCG level took 5 1/2 weeks to turn into a negative test. Best advise is call your doctor and see what they say. Good luck!
Was or is my wife Pregnant ? (Bleeding)?
Q: I asked this question a while ago but i added some more questions. sorry for the double post.I’m asking this because she had told me she was bleeding a lot today more than normal. She just had her period a week ago. We have been trying to have a child for 2 years now but had no success. I was wondering if she was pregnant or can she bleed during pregnancy?I’m scared..hope you can help. She did call a doctor about this. They told her if she miscarried before 6 weeks she wont see any clumps or clots because the child hasn’t fully developed yet. I want some opions on this.. Thanksif she hasn’t been pregnant long, and she had a miscarriage. Then how long does the bleeding last?
A: If she just had per period a week ago, she should not have been able to become pregnant yet. You usually don’t ovulate until mid-cycle. You certainly can bleed during pregnancy. Sometimes it’s a miscarriage, sometimes you are just fine. Miscarriage bleeding can even last a week or more. I would see a doctor, either way I wish you both the best of luck and lots of Babydust!
how long do you bleed after the iud is removed while pregnant?
Q: im about 7 weeks pregnant and the doctor removed my iud. she said i was going to have spotting but didn’t say for how long. she also said that if i bleed a lot it might be a miscarriage. i need to know if the bleeding i have know is normal and when will it stop. i dont want to miscarriage.
A: my sisterinlaw got pregnant while on the iud as well she had it removed at 4 wks and had no bleeding. 1 week later she started bleeding and found out it was a miscarriage i would call your dr to make sure its not a miscarriage. or if u find its getting heavy or more than what u think should be id go to the er to make sure and have them check your hormone level just to be safe. hope the best for you!
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