If you are pregnant, do you get sick at night

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Morning sickness can strike at anytime of the day or night, sometimes all day and all night when pregnant. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-are-pregnant%2C-do-you-get-sick-at-night ]
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Is it normal to get sick at night when pregnant?
Unfortunately “morning sickness” doesn’t only happen in the mornings. I know a lot of people that had it at night or where it lasted all day long. If you are taking your prenatal vitamins around the time you are getting sick – thi…
Is it possible to be pregnant but get the morning sickness at nig…?
Yes. Morning sickness is rarely just in the mornings. Many people get sick at night when they are pregnant
Could morning sickness come at night and how often will the woman…?
“Morning” sickness can occur anytime, and it varies from woman to woman. It usually does not start until 6-8 weeks pregnant.

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Why am I always sick at night? (Not pregnant)?
Q: Here’s my situation; I do have quite a bit of stress in my life. I also recognize that stress / depression can manifest into physical aches and pains. That being said, here’s what I’m experiencing.Specifically for the last 2 weeks I’ve been waking up feeling great. All day I feel good, I don’t let work bother me, because I know I’m lucky to have a job right now. I go home and enjoy my family and the time I have with them. Despite the stresses I do have, I love my life. Here’s the problem: every night as the sun goes down and I get tired, I start to feel sick. My stomach hurts, I get headaches / migraines, sometimes a sore throat, back pain etc… It ruins my night, but I wake up fine again in the morning.Any feedback is helpful – I’m not crazy, I physically feel these things but I have never heard of any sickness / disease that only effects you at night. If I felt this way all day, I would swear I had cancer or something else terrible. Please help!!!
A: you might need some light therapy, it sort of sounds like seasonal depression.. go see a doctor
Why does my girlfriend get sick after heavy meals? It happens mostly at night, yet she’s not pregnant…?
Q: Can people be allergic to certain kinds of oil? And if so, how do you find out which ones?
A: maybe she as stomach problems. Or ate too much salty foods…i find that happening to me sometimes. Just yesterday i ate something and one or two days ago i just don’t feel like eating anything because my stomach is so upset. Sprite and clear natural flavored sparkling water helps the stomach.
Am I Still Pregnant?
Q: Me and my Ex boyfriend had unprotected sex February 2, 2008. And like two weeks later around the time my mom found out i was feeling really sick. Nauesea, the smell of bacon made me vomit, headaches, mood swings, tiredness, and i had the most extreme cravings for ice cream, eating and sleeping alot. if i felt something didnt go my way i would cry. But also in those two weeks i got a urine test and it came back neg. they said it could be too late to tell. My mom wanted to put me on the shot but the dr said i had to wait til i got my nxt period. which i got around march 25 but it was short and light, my periods are usually heavy and last the full 7 days. I went back to the doctor to get the shot and they tested me again and i got a neg so then they gave me the shot. I still had symptoms but i ignored them because i got the shot and i heard they can give you those symptoms too. Including no period which i havent got since march. also because of my negative urine test and the 3 hpts i took from feb all the way til i got the period. Well just when i stopped worrying so much in May i kept getting a feeling in my stomach like boiling water or that i had gas along with getting sick at night. I couldnt lay on my stomach because it would hurt, i cant lay on my back because that hurts. so ive been on my side since then. Ive always had back problems but every since the end of may its gotten worse. Every since June ive always feel like im leaking but im not just having a white creamy watery discharge with no smell, i even got the shot again on the 16 of june.also i still have the bubbles and I can feel the the bubbles mainly when im sitting still, and July 15 I felt a first flutter, and i get those now everyday too along with the bubbles the aching back, my feet and legs hurt when i stand too long and i cant tell if my stomach is getting bigger because ive never had a flat stomach really and im kinda wide in my stomach area but im not fat lol. I get a pregnant belly at night sometimes but it gets small again in the morning. I also had very bad cramping and pelvic pain. It feels like someone is pulling my muscles apart. I also woke up the other day on my stomach with a watery clear discharge. I went to a clinic to get a physical and they couldnt give me a test because they said it would cost extra, but when he did a liver and spleen check he was pressing real hard in my stomach and next thing i know when i was sitting my stomach was hurting and was real tight at the bottom and the middle that lasted til the next day. I went and got another hpt from the dollar store and it came up neg. I dont know whats goin on. But i do want a blood test,Either im 27 weeks pregnant or the depo shot is messing with me and i have something else wrong. Am I possibly pregnant though?
A: I doubt you are pregnate but something is going on and you need to see a doctor and be persistant about the pain. Don’t push the pregnancy angle they will check that either way with your symptoms but you need to find out what’s going on and don’t take no for an answer! Good luck
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