If your on the birth control depo shot can you get pregnant

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Depo Provera is 97-99.7% effective as birth control. That means that there is a small chance of preganancy. ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-your-on-the-birth-control-depo-shot-can-you-get-pregnant ]
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How can a woman get pregnant while on the depo birth control shot…?
Nothing outside of abstinence is 100% effective. While it has been noted that this type of birth control in 99.8% effective, there have been more than a few that have gotten pregnant while on the depo. Of course there may have been extenuat…
Can you get pregnant when your on the depo shot of birth control??
its very high chance that she wont get pregnant, about 99% but birth control isnt completely fool proof, and there is a very small chance that she could get pregnant. birth control doesnt protect against other infectinos like STIs so she st…
Can i get pregnant while using the Depo birth control shot??
It’s unlikely, but possible. The only way not to get pregnant is not to have sex.

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can you get pregnant when your on the depo shot of birth control?
Q: My friend has been on depo for a very long time and she said that she does not use condoms at all. She said she just dont like them. But all she wants to no is if she can still get pregnant while shes on the depo shot, not using a condom. He does cum inside her so. Shes just worried is all. She is 24.
A: My cousin got pregnant while on Depo, she got her shots on time religiously. Just like other forms, it’s not 100%.
Can you still get pregnant if your on the depo provera shot (birth control)?? And what are the chances?
Q: Will anything happen to the baby if you do?
A: You have a 1% chance of getting pregnant. To my knowledge, it is as safe for your unborn child as the pill, which causes NO known defects or fatalities, despite what you might think or might have heard. I got pregnant while on the pill and did a lot of research and talked to a few doctors, but the shot may be different. So ask your doctor, too. That’s an important thing to know.
What will happen if you get the depo provera shot and found out your pregnant?
Q: a question no im not pregnantits that if you found out that your pregnant and your still talking birth control pills you can obviously stop taking them because you found out your pregnantbutwith the depo shot you cant just stop the birth controlso what will happen to the mom and most importantly the baby if she just found out she was pregnant and is on the depo shot?thank you
A: they do a pregnancy test before they administer depo but after the shot has been done there isn’t anything you can do. Obviously the hormone levels weren’t high enough to prevent the pregnancy. I think the hormones might also stop a fertilized egg from implanting too if the woman has already ovulated prior to receiving the shot but I’m not sure about that.
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