How do ducks get pregnant

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For most birds, getting pregnant involves a ‘cloacal kiss’, with the male on the female’s back fertilizing the egg. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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How do ducks get pregnant?
Well how do people get pregnet.
Do ducks lay eggs or get pregnant
Ducks and the rest of the birds lay eggs. Did you know there were a few mammals that lay eggs? Crazy!
Where do i get halal duck rice in singapore? (my wife is pregnant…?
Farhan, go to Far East Plaza, level 5. There are few stalls there. Its all halal.

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Need info on pregnant ducks?
Q: I have 2 ducks I believe are pregnant..How long before they lay the eggs? After that how long before they hatch? Do I need to feed a special food? What do I do to help them get ready? Buy hay/straw so they can make a nest? Anyone know some good websites with any info..They live in my back yard there are 4 of them..One male 3 females..Did not know the sex of them at the time I got them as they were too little..Do they need to be separated?They are in just a wire cage with a swimming pool durning the day and at night they go in the garage in a wire dog kennel to keep them safe as there are too many raccoons running around! PLEASE NO STUPID ANSWERS! Thanks already to the people who can help….Yes..Iam aware they she is not pregnant! But has mated saw them..So I just assummed eggs would follow..They have never laid any eggs before they are only around 4 months old..The male is a mallard and females are not just white( domestic)…
A: if the ducks were born this year they may noy lay until spring. it takes 28 days for a duck to clock with a clutch of fertile eggs under her. if u have an incubator i reccomend using it, a lot of ducklings die of the cold, so try and get her to clock in march/april to have ducklings for summer. you are doing everything correct regards to housing them, just feed them duck layers pellets (never feed bread, its bad for them!!) i have a duck who is not laying yet, but given time she will lay next spring, any other questions u can email me. i keep exhibition poultry.
Breaking News! Breaking News! Daisy Duck gets pregnant by Rory Emerald! How does a human get a duck pregnant?
Q: What will the baby look like? I just heard this on CNN & Fox News.
A: I’m afraid that Rory Emerald has gone into hiding. Rory, our most popular man of mystery was at home relaxing with his Strawberry Shortcake and watching the evening news. Seems there was a very disturbing broadcast on both Fox and CNN concerning a Ms. Daisy Duck. According to the story, Donald, Daisy’s longtime paramour, was pleading for the hunting down and capture of none other than our very own Rory. Donald was quoted as saying “A tar and feathering for the likes of Rory Emerald wouldn’t even be enough.” According to reports Donald and Daisy have been staying at a secluded beachfront resort in the country of Namibia while awaiting the imminent arrival of their lovechild. Apparently Daisy became uncomfortable and was running up and down the beach looking for a place to nest, when Donald finally caught up to her and transported her to a local hospital for the hatching. Daisy was finally comforted and able to sit long enough to hatch out a beautiful, healthy half-pound baby duck. But Donald and Daisy’s moment of joy was short lived. Upon closer inspection it became obvious to one and all that their newest arrival was covered from beak to foot in bright, emerald green feathers. Donald’s anger is uncontrollable and it was his tirade that was broadcast on the nightly news. Of course all the papparazzi were thrilled that their weeks of stalking the Ducks had paid off. Fearing the rath of Donald, Foghorn LegHorn, The Road Runner, Tazmanian Devil, Deputy Dog, Wile E. Coyote, just to name a few, who have already pledged their support in helping Donald track down Rory, our poor Rory has fled. He left his Strawberry Shortcake just sitting there, and the updates coming out now are reporting that without her Rory, she is already turning very stale and starting to dry out. I guess we are all going to have to wait to see the outcome of this ordeal. Rory may have really quacked up this time.
I’m 27 weeks pregnant and need advice on the 3 baby ducks and 3 baby chicks my husband “suprised” us with…?
Q: Ok, I put this in the pet category but didnt get any responses, and I tend to hang in the preggo section anyway so….My loving, sweet (and misguided) husband brought home 3 baby chicks and 3 baby ducks for easter for my 8 year old daughter. She was ESTATIC and I’m….well, suprised. (Yay today is the first day of my third trimester, I’m a big germ-a-phobe and I get to care for baby birds and clean their poop!) So I went to the feed store and got them a rabbit/small animal cage and filled it full of wood shavings, a watering thingy, a feeder thingy, and a heat lamp.The lady at the store didn’t seem to know much, she just knew what items I needed to buy…..So I’m wondering…I got this heat lamp on them but do I keep it on them all day and all night?? And for how long?How long do they stay small? Any tips and advice about caring for these ducks and chickens?? All I know is to feed and water them….help!When are they ok to go without the heat lamp and when can i put the cage outside??OMG I still cant believe we have these things!!! they are cheeping nonstop all day!Yeah I warned my daughter that we can keep them for “a little bit” but as they get bigger they gotta go to “a farm”We have a average backyard, but I dont think the homeowners association is going to allow farm animals!!yeah we live in the hill country of Texas. There’s farms and land and stuff out here, and on the way to school I pass this house with chickens running around. I’m a transplanted city girl and my husband’s a country boy, but our house in the part of town that is more suburban like. It’s a small town….
A: Wow, your husband did a big no-no! Anything alive should never be spur of the moment, they should be prepared for in advance (and agreed upon). You can not change that now, though.I can give you some pointers, as we live in the country on a hobby farm and have chickens and ducks.At this stage, the light should be on all of the time. Be sure that it only heats part of the box, though, so that they can get out of the heat if they wish. A low wattage bulb is sufficient. For atleast 2 weeks (depending on their age/size), they are going to need the lamp.They will grow fast, and a rabbit cage is not going to last long. For now, you can line the cage with newspaper to make cleaning up easier and more sanitary.Keep Germ X on hand, and use it before and after handling the chicks and ducks (cleaning for you and playing for your daughter) for your safety and the animals.As they grow, they will have more needs. The chickens need scratch material (dirt) is they are in a cage with a false floor. They also need rocks, oyster shells, etc. The ducks are going to need a place to swim. One of the cheap plastic pools from Wal Mart is sufficient, just be sure to place rocks so that they can get in and out.Some, or all, of the chickens might be roosters. If that is the case, you may have to get rid of them if you live in town. Some towns have ordinances against them because they tend to disturb neighbors at the crack of dawn.Wood shavings is actually not good for them. They are going to try to eat it. I would just do newspaper for now, and when they get big enough to put outside the ground is sufficient flooring.The problem with them being outside is that they are prone to be victims of prey. Cats could get them (even if you do not have a cat-wild or neighbor cats), and raccoons (which live in the city) are also a culprit. Raccoons are extremely smart and can open most cages as well. I would keep them in the garage for now (or the house if it is extremely cold where you live) until you can build a safe pin.Those are the basics. I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy them! They can be a great learning experience for children, but they are also a lot of responsibility. Unfortunately, your husband is one of those that got these pets as novelties and, most likely, before long they are going to require more care than you can provide. If that becomes the situation, I suggest going to the feed store and seeing if they can find an appropriate home for them-farmers and those living in the country are in and out of those stores often buying feed for their animals so they will easily be able to do so.
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