Is it bad to eat spicy foods if your pregnant

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If your baby is sensitive to food you eat (spicy or not), you’ll know, because he’ll be fussy after feedings, cry inconsolably. [ Source: ]
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Is it bad to eat spicy food when you are pregnant?
you can eat spicy food, but because your more prone to indigestion, its not always the wisest thing to do, its a bit of trial and error, just make sure you have some indigestion remedies handy just in case.
Is it bad to eat spicy foods once in a while while pregnant??
Eating spicy foods while pregnant will not harm your baby in any way. I would avoid spicy food if you have morning sickness and always keep a bottle of Tums handy as it may give you heartburn or indigestion. There is an “old wives tale…
Is it bad for a pregnant lady to eat spicy foods??
nope. if you crave it, eat it. i craved spicy food during pregnancy as well. i ate it and i was just fine. just make sure you have tums or maalox for the heartburn after. trust me. your baby will be just fine. congratz btw

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Tips on how to go into labour early..!! DESPERATE.?
Q: Im 36+5days pregnant and iv had it upto the rim, iv had nothing but problems bein in and out of hospital with kidney infections. Nurses had to stop me from going into labour at 28weeks cause my kidney infection was that bad. I have now got a UTI infection and burns when i wee so much. I got told that can be bad when your pregnant as it can start your labour off. Im trying anything to bring my labour on now, iv eaten spicy food constantly, iv done long walks, iv drank pineapple juice and even eaten pineapple, iv not tried sex as i cant cause my boyfriend is in the army and unfortuantly i cant get it lol, iv even tried HOT baths without cold water lol. Im wondering now if i tried castor oil do you think it would make me go into labour? Im trying EVERYTHING and ANYTHING to bring my labour on im getting that depressed i cant go out as i cant really walk far without being in agony, her heads done she has been down since 28weeks pregnant. Any advice from anyone would be great.Im Constantly in pain cause shes too heavy for me to carry. ThanksI also forgot to mention that they are bringing me on early to have a c-section on the 4th Dec but the c-section is my choice. But i still dont think i can go on till the 4th im feeling that down and depressed, i just keep crying
A: Three months weary, three months cheery and three months dreary! You’re in the dreary stage now, but take heart because the end is in sight! I had problems with cystitis in the late stages of my first pregnancy and I agree it can make you feel very down, besides which it’s very painful and uncomfortable (I assume you’re taking something to relieve it) . The infection had no effect on my baby and I carried all 10lb of him to term! Don’t take castor oil, just wait for nature to take its course. If the time ever comes that your doctor or midwife think you should be induced for either your, or your baby’s safety, then so be it. Good luck for baby day! Just read your additional details; so only 2 weeks to go – you can do it! Each day is one day closer and you’ll soon be holding that darling baby.
HELP!…Just Your Opinions Possibly pregnant(TTC)?
Q: IM TTC and Getting Desperate I went to the doctor on Nov.20th because i wasnt having my period. its been six months with no period. after birth control couldnt fix my period. the doctor put me on 10mg of medroxyprogeterone and told me to take it for 10 days and wait a week then come back in if i didnt have my period. i started it on the 21st and my period came on the 3-4th of december. It lasted about 8 days.its now the 25 of december and I have had some bad head aches for about a week(but i stopped drinking caffine so it could be caffine headaches) started peeing more(but i have been drinking lots more water) started have some hotflashes and diareehea thats odly green(sry)(but i have been eating lots of spicy foods) I would think that it would be way to early for pregnancy but could it be possible that i was still ovulating with out my period? and that just has i was sheding the lining of my uterus i ovulated at the same time? I Think I just Want it so bad That Im Making Myself Believe Im Having signsMy bowels are now really dark like army green….around my breasts are starting to hurt a little
A: Have you checked to see the side effects of the medication? Some of those sound like side effects to me, but of course I could be totally wrong. It does seem a bit early to have pregnancy symptoms. And yes, you can still ovulate and not have your period. I wish you the best!
38 weeks 5 days pregnant.. questions?
Q: So i am 38w 5d pregnant (only 9 more days.. YAY!!) & i have just about had it. I wake up each day for work feelin like i have been hit by a truck, I’m all swelled up, everything hurts, & I’m just EXHAUSTED. On top of all that, the anxiety is KILLING me, i just cant wait to hold my baby. Well anyway @ my last appointment on Tuesday morning (it is now Thursday night) i was 2cm & 60% effaced, i have since had sex a couple times, walked a TON, bounced up & down, ate spicy food, got some orgasms, drank raspberry tea, & did some nipple stimulation. Is there anyway i can tell if i have made any progress? I have had a few contractions here & there but nothing regular or constant..also any tips to speed this up? (besides Castor oil, i have heard too many bad things) i aiming to get her outta here before Sunday morning as my mom & sister will be leaving town.Also, i don’t mean to be rude, but if you are gonna sit here & hound me about saying I’m rushing & need to quit rushing the baby will come when the baby is ready, please save your time. I am 9 days away from my due date & Dr says i can go at any time, baby is fully formed.
A: Im exactly 38 weeks and 5 days to!!at least thats what ultrasound and lmp say.Im still pretty small though, all baby.I had a ultrasound today, and the doctor felt the baby and said she will prolly be about 7 pounds.I don’t see how your still working, I quit at 28 weeks (not by choice, my place of work got sold) and I went ahead on materinty leave, Your doing good by still working. I hate going out in the heat, since Its so hot at the beach.Last thursday I was 3cm aand 65% effaced, I did not want to be checked today but I have done everything.Walked, had sex, birthing ball, it feels like she will never come.My doctor told me babys ready, completely dropped and Im full term.I just want to hold her.He told me today If Shes still in there by next thursday 39 weeks 5 days, then They will schedule an inducment at 40 weeks 3 days, So Im trying to get her out.Good lucck, Keep walking and bouncing.
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