Is it common to get pregnant on birth control

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The Pill is 92-99.7% effective as birth control. Reasons for the lower numbers are missing a pill, taking it at a different time. [ Source: ]
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How common is it to get pregnant with twins while on birth contro…?
Hello – It is not that common. Becomming pregnant while on birth control has a very minor 1% possibility rate so conceiving twins would probably be even less. Think of twins in the normal sense of conceiving while a woman isn’t on any contr…
How common is it to get pregnant while on the birth control shot??
I dont know how common it is, but i do know i am 19 weeks pregnant and i was on the shot. So it does happen

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How common is getting pregnant on the birth control patch?
Q: I have heard of two cases because they were close to me they like my self are on the Ortha Evra path and got pregnant while using it. If there are many of these women getting pregnant on the patch i dont belive that it works and should be taken off the market. Especially if women are dying or de3veloping serious conditions from its use.
A: No birth control is 100% except for abstinence and vasectomy/hysterectomy. The patch has been reported to have a 99% effectiveness rate.
Is it common to get pregnant as soon as you stop Birth control?
Q: My fiance and I are trying to conceive. I just recently stopped taking my birth control pills. My period started April 16. I stopped the pills on the 18. We have been having sex regularly, without protection. Is it common to get pregnant as soon as you stop Birth control? We want a baby so badly! We are really hoping we get it this month. What are our chances?
A: Yes it is.Stopping your birth control actually causes your body to ovulate.I hope everything works out for you!Good luck!And everyone has a 20% chance of becoming pregnant each time.:)
How common is it getting pregnant while on birth control..?
Q: when your taking doctor put me on a really strong antibiotic for an infection and she said to use condoms as a back up if i do have sex for the time im on the medicine..have u or anyone u know got pregnant while taking birth control pills because of antibiotics..?and right before i started taking the medicine i missed 2 what are my chances?thanks alot..
A: Back in may i was on the pill and I had to take a strong antibiotic for an abscess tooth. In june i went in for my pap and she stopped and told me she needed a urine sample and she found out i was pregnant, i was actually 6 weeks at that point, i ended up miscarrying at 12w3d. the worst thing i ever had to go through personally. If you missed two pills and your on antibiotics of any kind it doesnt matter how strong they are USE A BACK UP METHOD, because your on bc so you dont have a baby. be safe and protected about it.
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