Is it ok to fly when you are pregnant

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Rest assured that flying while you are pregnant is almost always completely safe, so there’s no need to change your travel plans. [ Source: ]
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Is it Ok to fly during early pregnancy?
Hi! I would not worry about it. My first pregnancy I flew when I was 7 weeks, 12 weeks, and 20 weeks. All of these flights were at least five hours long. I actually flew when I was close to 7 months and that was pretty rough just because it…
Is it ok to fly internationally while pregnant?
She is safe to travel by plane from the beginning of her pregnancy all the way up until the end portion of her last trimester (usually 9th month – 36 weeks) and can manage what ever kind of trip(s) she wants to do as long as she and her pre…
When is it ok to fly while pregnant?
They don’t want you flying after the third trimester begins (@ 28 weeks). Anytime before then, so long as you and baby are healthy, is fine.

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Is it ok to fly when 33-34 weeks pregnant?
Q: The airline I am taking doesn’t have restrictions for pregnant women….its Delta, already called. The flight is going to be almost 3 hours. I just want to know if I’ll be safe. I’m not a high pregnancy and everything is completely normal. We are also fly first class to give me more room. Has anyone flown this far in there pregnancy and do i need to worry of complications. Thank you!
A: You need to get a check-up from your doctor to make sure that you are in fit enough health, and that the pregnancy is healthy enough to allow for you to fly. Many airlines will require a medical certificate from your doctor dated 24-72 hours before the flight once you reach your third trimester (27 weeks).While traveling I advise you to keep your medical records, and the name and number of your doctor. You should also try to get the name and number of a doctor where you will be staying/visiting in case an emergency comes up.To keep yourself safe and comfortable on the trip, follow these simple things:*drink plenty of water*avoid caffeine*don’t eat food that causes gas for at least one day before you travel (pressure builds up as you ascend through the altitudes and could cause pain)*walk around as much as you can (up and down the aisles)*stretch while sitting*wear loose fitting clothing*wear slip on shoes (your feet may swell)*wear maternity support pantyhose or socks*try to get an aisle seat or a front row seat for more leg room*eat light foods*eat small meals or snacks at frequent intervals rather than big heavy meals*do not eat salt*Wear your seat belt just under your abdomen (depending on how big you are, you can also ask for a seat belt extender – just be sure that that too goes under your abdomen)*relaxI traveled internationally (14+ hours each way) this summer at the beginning of my 4th pregnancy. I just got back from an international trip (about 24 hours each way -am in my second trimester now) and have more trips planned. I have also traveled internationally at various stages with my first three pregnancies (my children are now 9&6 and 10 months and are normal, happy, healthy, lovable kids). The latest I have ever traveled (so far) was 34 weeks.I wrote an article about traveling while pregnant. It gives more in-depth information if you’d like to reference it: I can be of any more help or assistance, please feel free to contact me.
Would I be ok to fly while pregnant?
Q: I am 31 weeks pregnant, and we were thinking of taking a little trip overseas next week, which would make me 32 weeks when we go. It is only a 6 hour flight, do you think it will be ok? Does the airline let you fly when you’re that pregnant?oh ok! Thank you. We are only going for 3-4 days, so I thought it would be no big deal. I’ll check with the airline. Thanks to everyone 🙂
A: Usually 32 weeks is the mark where you really shouldn’t fly. Flying overseas wouldn’t be the greatest idea because if something were to happen the pilot wouldn’t have land to do an emergency landing. Talk to your Dr. and the airlines, but don’t be too suprised if it’s advised against.
is it ok to fly when you are a month to 6weeks pregnant? what are the complications?
A: yeas its fine i was 6 weeks pregnant when i went to egypt on my honeymoon in January that was a 5 hour flight i must admit tho it was uncomfortable feeling very sick and i had a cold at the time so the pressure made my ears and head hurt,but i asked the midwife before i went as it was booked before i found out and she said it was fine just get up and move around and drink lots of water…good luck with pregnancy and have a fab holiday what i would for one right now lol
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