Is it ok to lay on your right side when you are pregnant

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Because your liver is on the right side of your abdomen, lying on your left side helps keep the uterus off that large organ. [ Source: ]
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Is it ok to lay on the right side during pregnancy??
This article tells you why side (especially left side) sleeping is best during pregnancy. There will be many times that you will wake up and find yourself other than on your left side though. Do not be alarmed, everyone moves around while s…

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what side do you have to lay on when pregnant?
Q: i heard your suposed to lay on your left side because of a vein that runs down your back or something….is this true? i’ve been laying on my left side anyway just in case for the last like 6 months but as i get bigger and bigger i’m getting more uncomfortable and i can’t stand laying on my left side anymore! so i’m wondering about that vein or whatever it is and if laying on your right side really blocks it to where you really shouldn’t lay on that side, or if its ok. i would like to get at least one semi good night of sleep before my wonderful baby comes!i’m 32 weeks pregnant, and i know that i dont have that long to go, but i’m just curious about it. i know your not suposed to lay on your back for long periods of if you have any sugestions on sleeping better i would apreciate it!
A: it is the left side that you are supposed to sleep on…but im the same as you- the left side is too uncomfortable- ill try to lay on it but then i get a horrible pain by my ribs so i cant sleep. so i sleep on my back with a pillow under it so im not flat on my back…but sometimes i do sleep flat on my back- or on my right side. if i find a comfortable position thats how i sleep…ive decided that if im so uncomfortable that i cant sleep and im exhausted (which i guess is all the time whether i sleep or not lol) then that isnt doing the baby any good either so i might as well be comfortable and be able to sleep 🙂
Laying on your back when pregnant?
Q: Ok so Im 31 weeks pregnant and all through out my pregnancy i have either laid on my back or my right side. I know that everyone said you should lay on your left side but it is so uncomfortable for me that when i tried, I would always wake up on my back. I wanted to know if anyone could tell me the dangers for the baby if you lay on your back or right side? I know they say its hard for you to breath because it is hard for me to breath but its confortable. I read somewhere that by cutting off your breath it cuts off the circulation to the babys and im wondering if that could cause any mental handicaps or disabilities to the baby? does anyone know?? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and God bless!!!
A: So they do say to lay on your left side, as you will put pressure on a major vein – the superior vena cava (not artery) to your heart by laying on your right side as your uterus and baby get bigger (and heavier).HOWEVER, it’s usually not a problem. I talked to a Dr about it when I was pg, and she said that if laying on our right side caused a blood flow slowdown of significance, we would feel funny, and instinctively change positions.I layed on my right side throughout my pregnancy. In the beginning because I have an injured left hip from a car accident years ago. But as my son got bigger, and I tried to lay on my left – he would kick furiously until I sat up (kicking was more happy-not panicky) or roll onto my right. I also learned to lay on my back and put a tiny pillow under my right hip/rib cage area to give me a little tilt.Ironically, when I was in labor, his heart rate had the the worst problems when I layed on my left!! The nurses were all “this baby sure likes your right side!!”He’s 2 and smart as can be. 🙂
32 weeks pregnant, im having a bad pain in my side?
Q: I already called my Doctor im just waiting for her phone call back, I woke up this morning with sharp pains in my right side, when I move from side to side or get up and move around it seems this pain gets stronger. It was leading from the top of my right side to the top of my Vagina. it comes and goes. Do you think the baby could be laying on a nerve? Your best opinion what could this be? And if this is a sign of early labor you think my baby will be ok?
A: Your assumptions are probably right. Also keep in mind you are entering the time when braxton hicks contractions show up. Good luck and congrats. (:
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