Is Jewel pregnant

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Newlywed pop and country star Jewel has fueled speculation she’s pregnant. She says its time for a family when asked. ChaCha again [ Source: ]
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Is jewel pregnant?
Is it safe to swallow tongue jewelry while pregnant??
Most tongue jewelry is made of stainless steel, and is inert, so will not cause any danger to the pregnancy if swallowed. I still would not recommend doing so voluntarily, however.
Do I need to remove my jewellery while I am pregnant? And what ab…?
Everybody’s skin is different. You may find that you don’t have any problems with your jewellery during your pregnancy. But if you do start to experience skin problems, removing your jewellery might be your best option. During pregnancy, yo…

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gene simmons family jewels~~~Is Shannon pregnant or not?
Q: I didn’t see the pregnancy test episode. So, I’m wondering if 50-year-old Shannon is pregnant or not (get real).
A: I don’t think so!
My Jewel Cichlid something odd is going on with him or her?
Q: He has been sitting at the bottom hiding from the rest of fish he is bright red and fat and his eyes are puffy white is he sick or is she having babies??? the other jewel is light colored and swimming around. the one hiding has her fins down. I am not sure if she is pregnant or has some type of disease.??? can someone help me
A: Puffy white eyes have no correlation to potential spawning– this is a bacterial infection. I would strongly suggest quarantining it and treating (without the activated carbon in the filter) with Maracyn (1), Maracyn TC, EM Tabs, TC Capsules, or other gram positive effective antibiotics.
Jewel Cichlid question, was wondering a few things about them!?
Q: Hi,My Jewel Cichlids recently had babies in my 29 gallon tank. There are 5 other cichlids in there besides the parents who are about 3 inchs long. I have 7 surviving 2 month old babies and I was wondering a few things:1. Will the parents have babies again, and when?2. How many babies should have survived?3. If I have extras will a pet store tank them4. How can I tell if my cichlid is pregnant or going to have babies??
A: 1. Yes. They will lay eggs every 3-4 weeks when properly cared for.2. Depends on water conditions, feeding, and maintenance. More will survive if removed from the community tank and 10% water changes are done daily. With other fish in the tank, it’s not surprising there were so few survivors. I figure 10% survival is a decent number of healthy young for the average aquarist. More as you become more experienced. This should amount to more than 20 survivors, depending on how many eggs were laid. If your pair only laid 70 eggs, 7 survivors would be acceptable.3. Although a few chain stores may take them, it’s more likely a locally owned store will, and offer trade credit for them.4. Egg layers don’t get pregnant. When ripe, the female’s belly will be fatter, her tube will be extruding, and the parents will be guarding a certain rock or cave. Cleaning of the nesting area will have been taking place before hand, and this should be noticeable.
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