Is pulling out effective

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When you use withdrawal, you can also be at risk getting pregnant BEFORE the man pulls out. It does not protect from STDs or HIV. [ Source: ]
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How effective is the pull out method if….?
Sperm may be present before the extraction. Pulling out quickly may create a vacuum effect pulling any pre-released sperm further in. So not effective at all.
Is pulling out an effective form of birth control?
yes you can get a girl pregnant by the pull out method. cuz there are sometimes sperm inside the precum. but only being two days late for a period is not really that big a deal periods can get messed up for any number of reasons not just be…
Is the pull out method effective?
The pull-out method works until it doesn’t. Seriously, men leak a little for a while before orgasm. It has nothing to do with “almost being there” or not pulling out in time. Whether it has sperm in it depends on a lot of things (…

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How effective is pulling out with a condom on?
Q: I wanted to know how effective pulling out is while using N-9 Trojan condom. Everything was done very carefully and the condom had no breakage. What are the chances of me getting pregnant? I’m a very paranoid person so I actually look for signs of pregnancy Please help.
A: Condoms have a 3-14% failure rate, while pulling out (without a condom) has a typical 15-28% failure rate, however with spermicide (what is in the Trojan), and both of the previous methods, pregnancy possibilty is almost null. Without the breaking of the condom and with everything else that was done, i would say that the possiblity of getting pregnant would be less than 3%, hey, theres a possibilty that the condom might have had a miniture opening, microscopic that might have leaked some sperm. Just be ready, errors always happen, just let whatever happen happen, be happy.! Enjoy life!
how effective is pulling out?
Q: i had sex on cycle day 14 and 19. i have a 30 day cycle.just curious how effective pulling out is especially on those days. i have been using that method for months now and nothing has happend.
A: lets just say its a 50 50 chance that what your doing is not going to get pregnant trust me i made that choice with my first son it went good for a while and then one day i just knew what had happened i was kinda expecting it . to me doing this is like gambling and chances are your going to end up with a baby and if thats not what you want i suggust birth control its much more safer
How effective is pulling out just ONE time?
Q: So my girlfriend and I had sex today for literally like 15 seconds. I pulled out WELL before I came and had come the day before. Her ovulation day or whatever isn’t for a while (she had her period on Thanksgiving so probably won’t have it again around Christmas) and yea. I’m just nervous as shit. I never want to do that again. Hopefully I can find SOME encouragement.
A: It is unlikely – but it’s definitely possbile to get pregnant. I know you’re crapping yourself, so I will withold the lecture.Actually, no I wont 😛 Don’t do it again!!!
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