Is smoking weed bad for you while you are pregnant

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Babies whose mothers have used marijuana during pregnancy may be hard to comfort and have delays in development of motor skills. [ Source: ]
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Is Smoking Weed While Pregnant Bad?
hunnnnn, don’t let the ladies on here put you in doubt with the blue dye tests. They work just the same as any color. If you got a positive, you’re pregnant! I was wondering how you were doing earlier today, as I answered on of your other q…
Is it bad to smoke weed while pregnant?
It’s funny how many people say it’s bad. There has been nothing shown in studies of moms that only smoke pot. Moms that smoke cigs,and other factors on top of smoking pot have a risk of defects and stuff. Another thing-you’re gonna get on…
Is it bad to smoke k2 an off brand of weed while pregnant??
The only comprehensive study done while smoking weed during pregnancy showed the baby to be normal. So no, weed is not bad.

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if you smoke weed while your pregnant what happens?
Q: is it bad for the baby?like worse than drinking?or smoking cigs?IM NOT PREGNANT JUST WONDERING
A: no. its not proven to hurt the baby at all! if you look it up on google, there was a study done and people in africa smoke to relieve morning sickness and their babies turn out fine! no matter what anyone may say on here. it does not harm the baby. seriously, research it. i did.i chose not to smoke but honestly, it doesnt do anything.
Is it bad for the baby if you smoke weed while you’re pregnant?
Q: I’m asking because my sister said a doctor told her it was okay…
A: Alright! to the people who are sitting there saying that baby’s will become addicted thats not possible. weed is not an addictive drug so the fact that people say it is shows how smart you actually are on the subject. Alright so to answer the question at hand here, No its not good to SMOKE weed during pregnancy any kind of smoke will damage the baby but if you consume or vapo the weed it actually does your baby some good now im not telling you to go do that with ur baby (I know I wont do it in any of my pregnancies ever) studies have shown that babies of people who have smoked weed (not everyday or ALLLL THE TIME) the baby turned out healthier and smarter =] Now any other drugs can be fatal to baby’s but weed is not something that even harms a hair on ur body. Look at the death toll from Alcohol and cigs how many deaths have u seen from those two things then look at the death toll of weed (you wont find any)
you think smoking/consuming weed is bad while pregnancy or lactating ?
Q: all people say is side effects this&that but they dont even know what the side effects are … or they say stuff like it will cause brain damage or whatever even tho it HAS NOT been proven ! i mean seriously , for obvious reasons , you cannot smoke while you are pregnant due to the fact that the smoke itself is bad, but im pretty sure consuming is ok . my point is , i need a better explanation&&evidence for people who are disagreeing with this .seriously !If I had made up my mind i wouldnt look for answers now would I ?You can get a Medical Card so it will be available to you . that way its LEGAL .Im actually 9 months pregnant&hasnt smoked because of it . i just do not see where people get this unproven “answers”
A: I seriously doubt anyone in their right mind would give you a medical card for it when you were pregnant. Only some states will even do the medical card thing I believe. Anyway: You don’t have to SMOKE it for it to be bad. This is from: marijuana cause birth defects? It doesn’t cause full-blown birth defects, but that doesn’t mean it’s okay to smoke if you’re pregnant. Because the fact is that pregnancy and unnecessary drug use just don’t go together at all. Not only that, but with pot, there’s some evidence that use during pregnancy could lead to unnecessary problems for a developing fetus, even raising levels of miscarriage and stillbirth. That’s because THC metabolites (remember them?) freely cross the placenta, where they interact with developing body systems. Possible effects include lowered birth weight, nervous system changes, and delayed learning. And if you’re pregnant (or you’re planning to be), risks like those are too real to disregard — and too important to ignore.
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