Is vitamin c ok to take when pregnant

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Vitamin C itself is safe, but it’s prudent not to take mega-doses when you’re pregnant. Eating fruit is a better source. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is vitamin c ok to take when pregnant
Vitamin C itself is safe, but it’s prudent not to take mega-doses when you’re pregnant. Eating fruit is a better source. ChaCha!
Is it ok to take vitamin c when your pregnant?
You should take prenatal vitamins when you are pregnant. They will give you the RDA (recommended daily allowance) of vitamins you need (including vitamin C) to have a healthy pregnancy.
Is it ok to take Vitamin C for cold in early pregnancy??
I don’t think it’s a problem if you do not overdo it. But be careful because too much Vitamin C during your pregnancy can cause newborn babys to have Scurvy after they are born. The reason is because they don’t get the same amount of V.C. a…

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30 weeks pregnant and have some questions!!?
Q: ok now that im 30 weeks pregnant i keep freaking out about things.. so ive had a bad cold the past couple of days and its finally going away and at first my bf gave me a zinc supplement pill 50mgs and a vitamin c pill so my cold wouldnt get worse.. then when it got worse he asked the doctor what to get and they said take anything without zinc now im freaking out that something could go wrong since i took a zinc pill what do you think it was only one time..also i hear how people can feel the baby kick so hard and it wakes them up and they feel it in their ribs.. but i dont feel it in my ribs i feel him kick and sometimes they are big kicks but usually its little twitches and stuff nothing to dramatic that will wake me up in the middle of the night is this normal? and throughout my pregnancy i always take my prenatals daily for the most part.. but there has been times when i forgot to take them a couple days in a row.. how bad is this?and also when i had a cold the doctor told my bf some meds i could take and my bf also asked the pharmacist and they gave him some medicine called chlor trimeton has any of you taken this while pregnant? i took it twice but im trying to avoid medication as much as possible
A: You can take chlortrimeton (my OB said I could take that). I felt my baby kick, but she didn’t wake me up. I wouldn’t worry about that. Some babies are more active than others. You should mention to your OB about the zinc you took and about the missed prenatal vitamins. It probably isn’t a big deal that you missed a few prenatal vitamins. I don’t know about the zinc, but probably isn’t a big deal if you only took it once. Be sure to tell your OB about taking zinc though.
Pregnant weeks after d&c…help!!!?
Q: I had a D&C 6 weeks and 2 days ago (25th September) due to a missed miscarriage, i was supposed to be 8 weeks when i had it done but the ultrasound showed the pregnancy stopped developing around the 6 week mark. I 3 got negative pregnancy tests 2 weeks ago and last week and i decided to take another1 on friday because my period hasnt come and now for the last 3 days ive gotten positives, and not faint lines either..theyre strong pink lines. So im guessing im 4-5 weeks pregnant. Ive started taking my prenantal vitamins leftover from the last pregnancy and im going to a sexual health clinic tomorrow morning because my doctor hasnt got any appointments until next week and i need to see a doctor asap. Im scared to death that im going to have another miscarriage but i have a better feeling this time..(last time i feltsomething was wrong). I have read stories of women getting pregnant straight after a d&c and have had successful pregnancies but ive also read a few that havent turnt out so well. Theres a hospital that do early pregnancy scans for reassurance and i went there with the last pregnancy but they didnt see much because baby stopped growing which i later found out, so this time i want to go again because the doctor will probably tell me i have to wait until im 12 weeks to get one. When would be the earliest time approx that id be able to see the fetal pole and heartbeat…im so anxious and scared i just want it to be ok and i want to know as soon as possible. Also are my chances of miscarrying again high seeing as i got pregnant without a period after d&c? Also because i have had a previous miscarriage will they check hcg etc?
A: sorry for your loss … i got pregnant straight after a miscarriage and now have a healthy 10month old lilttle boy , the doctor should give you a early scan as i got booked in for 1 with my lil boy coz id just had a m/c i had one at 5 weeks so you should get one preety soon , i also had the feeling everything was going to be ok with my lil boy and it was where as with my m/c i had a feelig something was wrong , if you cat wait you can ask your doctor to check your hgc levels then go back in a few days and have em done again to make sure there going up , good luck and congrats 🙂 xx
THink I’m pregnant but not sure what is going on…?
Q: Ok I had a d &c on dec. 10. THis saturday will be an exact month from the date that I had the d & c. I think I might be pregnant again.. which we wanted.. but I think I might have something else wrong. I take prenatal vitamins one is the vitamin the other is the dha. For the last week and a half I have had a ton of discharge. Mostly white creamy color. Just the last couple of days i’ve noticed like a constant ichy feeling down there. Is this normal? I know when I was pregnant the first time with my daughter I had something and I can’t remember what it was called but it was like a burning feeling when I went pee. Is this the same thing? I didn’t know if I should go to the dr . or if I should wait until I find out if i’m pregnant or not.. Also when should I take a test since I haven’t had a period or any bleeding since the d &c? THanks!
A: Go to the doctor.What ever you had when you had your first child is likey that you have it again.Don’t wait to know if your pregnant.They will test you at the doctors.
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