Is your urine clear when you’re pregnant

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Clear urine is only a symptom that you’ve drank enough water to keep your urine clear. [ Source: ]
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Is your urine clear when you’re pregnant’re-pregnant
Clear urine is only a symptom that you’ve drank enough water to keep your urine clear.

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BFP!!!!!!!!!!…… On my birthday!!!!!!!?
Q: Hey ladies,I have loved reading through your posts in this forum and am so happy (and shocked!) to report that I got a BFP on my birthday yesterday!!! So I thought I’d share with you my signs b/c it was really helpful to read through what other people were going through too. So here’s the deal:*First of all, this was the month that we were NOT trying to get preggo!! In fact, I specifically did not want a baby to be born (a) around xmas time, b/c I wanted their presents spaced out, and (b) in the middle of winter in New England. Well, I guess a soul out there thought differently, so I can only trust the universe has meant for this to happen for a reason, ha! :-)*So we only had sex ONCE right after my last period, so I must have ovulated early. Still can’t believe it…! It’s just crazy to me, b/c in other cycles we had had sex at least every other day during ovulation and nada. So once IS all it can take! LOL*I wasn’t charting or using ovulation kits or any of that stuff. So I don’t have the DPO breakdown. But here’s what I did notice:–I have a 25 day cycle. I have had as long as a 32 day cycle before. Around day 25 I started to get gassy, cramps, sore boobs, lower back ache… all my normal PMS signs. Of course, I was sure my period was on its way. Because my cycle has varied before, I didn’t think anything about it not arriving on the 25th day exactly.–However, I kept getting cramps that made me think AF was coming on… so I’d go to the bathroom but nothing would come. I was having clear/whitish discharge, some times heavier than others, and used a pantiliner (also thinking AF was coming).–My boobs hurt mainly on the sides and underneath. And again, they hurt like my period was coming on, not anything unusual. Nipples were NOT sensitive at all.–Gassy gassy gassy. I felt like I was always gassy, but not much going on as far as #2’s.So basically, AF was due on Wed. and by the weekend it still hadn’t come. BUT, I was still having the PMS symptoms… the cramps would come and go and that was weird for me – because once the cramps kick in, AF is always on her way within a day. So I guess that was my first “hmmmmm” moment! Over the weekend I decided that if it didn’t arrive, I would test on Monday (my bday!!) just to see what was up, because I had NEVER had PMS symptoms for that long that didn’t result in my period right away.I POAS Mon. morning and it was great because the preggo line popped up right away, even before the control line formed!!! I couldn’t believe it!! I was able to see a local midwife same-day and she took a urine sample and I got those two lines once again. “You’re definitely pregnant.” !!!!!Sooooo…. that’s my story, and I hope it helps those of you TTC! I am now a walking breathing example of: “just when you least expect it.” It is still sinking in, to be honest. I am at 3 weeks along (from conception), and the cramps have gone away – instead, it feels like a mild pressure in my uterus. Boobs are still wicked sore, and getting slightly more sore each day. Still full of gas! LOL Still have lower back ache. I am NOT feeling exceptionally tired, nauseous, cravings, heartburn, or any other signs that I’ve read about from other women who found out they are preggo… but I suspect my time will come. ;-)To end with a question then… did anyone else get their BFP recently? Or is anyone else having these symptoms right now in their TWW?! If so, good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A: What an amazing birthday present, gee-whiz! 😀 ***It’s always so helpful and interesting when lovely ladies like yourself take the time out to breakdown their pre-BFP symptoms, gives the rest of us something to watch out for and some hope! It just goes to show how sometimes these things can happen when you least expect it! I definately think there’s something in “not trying too hard” when TTC. You’re walking proof as you say! AF just started for me, but I’m staying positive …onwards with the next cycle! :-)Wishing you, your baby and partner an amazing journey ahead ***
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