What are gerbils

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Gerbils are rodents,their teeth grow all the time, so they need to chew.Gerbils are mammals. They have 5 to 8 babies in each litter. The mother is pregnant for 24 days.Gerbils originally come from the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. Mongolia is in China. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-gerbils ]
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gerbils are small rodentsthat have long tails like a rat or mouse but it has a little bit of fur on it they are alittle bigger than mice but smaller than hamsters. they come in many colors
Gerbils are rodents. Mice, rats, and squirrels are also rodents. Rodents are special because their teeth grow all the time, so they need to chew. Gerbils are mammals. They have 5 to 8 babies in each litter. The mother is pregnant for 24 day…
They are mammals in the small rodent family.

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what are good and cute pet Gerbil names?
A: ziggy.. this just sounds like a little gerbil
Q: One of my gerbils died yesterday, she was 2 and a half years old. Was this a good age?I noticed on Saturday that she was breathing very fast. My other gerbil died in August at my Grandpa’s. My Grandpa said she was swelling up outwards. He said it could have been a tumor. What do you think it was?i really want a cat now! they are so cute!
A: Two and a half yrs old is a very good age for gerbils. Our daughter had her 2 female gerbils for almost 3 yrs and they were both put to sleep together at our vets earlier this year. One of them had a tumour on her tummy and the other was swollen really badly. The vet said that one had probably got heart disease which is probably what was wrong with yours as this happens quite oftern with gerbils of that age.We’re really sorry that you have lost both your gerbils now. Will you be getting some more do you think? Our daughter said she wasn’t going to get any more but she found it was too quiet in her bedroom without any gerbils scurrying around in their tank so she got another 2. This time she has got 2 males and they are so different to the females. They eat loads more and they are a lot noisier too lol.It is always sad when pets die but you must have looked after them really well for them to live as long as yours did.
What is a good and safe bedding that my gerbils could make actual burrows and tunnels in?
Q: I want my gerbils to be able to have tunnels and burrows, but i don’t know what to use. I’m currently using Carefresh, which allows for minor tunnels, but they eventually collapse when the gerbs try to expand or lengthen the tunnels. If there are safe beddings that can be burrowed in, what are they? And what are the pros and cons of letting your gerbils be able to make a system of tunnels? Right now I house them in 29 gallon tank. Thank you for any help.
A: Do NOT give pine or cedar bedding, they cause respitory problems. The only time you can give pine is if it is kiln dried (which most arent.) Give a large layer of aspen shavings for them to burrow in, if you find that the shavings are collapsing some you can mix in a small amount of bath sand (for chinchillas or childrens play sand) Gerbils enjoy bathing in this and it will strengthen the bedding to make it easier to burrow in as well as it will allow them to get the dust on themselves to help clean them as well. Or mix some aspen and carefresh to also create a heavier duty burrowing bedding.
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